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Review Scraper for ORM (Online Reputation Management)

A tool to scrape reviews for a single client prospect OR for prospects within a given industry or geographic area.

I just started doing ORM and I'm finding that this would be a great tool as the ones that I am using lack important features.

Fred Lemons

I thought this was powerful. So, I wanted to suggest it as a NEW SOFTWARE for Jon to consider.

This is a recent client of mine whom I lost to a bigger company. (screencast.com/t/jdLBDHl8G)

The bigger company is offering Theme/Industry Based Blurb/Image Posts to them for their Facebook Page... Something I did not have the ability to do.

I think it would be great if you developed a Theme Based Posting Software for Facebook, Twitter, etc. with scheduling features, the ability to manually select blurbs of motivational text and images, etc. and when they will be posted.

Themes such as Fitness Club, Day Spa's, Chiropractors, Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Car Mechanics, etc. are examples.

SEO type companies, such as my own could offer this service to existing clients as an added value service to our client base.

Best regards,
Fred Lemons

I would like to see the Hyperlink Function extended to include it's use in Nested Spun/Super Spun content.

As many of my keywords appear in the body of this type of content, it would be very efficient to have this feature available just like it is in the Normal Spun mode.

Perhaps even taking it a bit further and offering how many keywords to replace with the Hyperlink/Anchor Text and/or 'What %' to replace, i.e. 5%, 10%, 50%, etc.

I think this would add more value to an already valuable product and make it much more powerful.

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