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Hi Keith,

We have fixed the issue and you should not experience it anymore. Please let us know if you experience any additional issues and we will fix the ASAP.

Best Regards,


Hi Keith,

Thank you very much for the heads up on this issue...we will fix it ASAP.

Best Regards,


Hello fellow members!

We have received several PMs with some frequently asked questions, so I figured I would post them here to help everybody out. Please let us know if you have more questions and we would be happy to answer them.

Best Regards,


Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about Social Shockwave

How do I get the 30% discount for the Special Offer?
Click on one of the green buttons above (or click here) and you will be taken to the special landing page we have created for this offer. From there you will get your Promo Code that gives you the 100% risk-free offer for 30 days plus the 30% lifetime discount.

Do I need my own social accounts to use Social Shockwave?
No you don't. We spent several years building up our own private network of more than 20,000 social accounts. These accounts have more than 1,000,000 real followers, and those followers have more than 50 million followers, and those followers have even more followers, etc. Social Shockwave uses this network to promote your website (or whatever else you want to promote) to reach these potential customers.

Can I target people in your network?
Absolutely. Every one of our 20,000+ accounts is assigned to categories based on what that person is interested in. When you create your Campaigns on Social Shockwave, you select up to 3 categories that your message falls into, and your message is only sent to the accounts in those categories. This helps ensure that your message is seen by the people who are most likely to be interested in what you are offering, which greatly increases the number of visitors you get from your signals.

What is a social signal?
A social signal consists of two parts: 1.) the message you want to broadcast to potential customers; and 2.) a link to a webpage you want people to visit. These two parts are combined and posted on our network of social accounts across more than a dozen of the top social networks as Tweets, ReTweets, Posts, Shares, Diggs, etc.

How do social signals help me?
Social signals help you in two ways:
They drive potential customers from the social networks directly to your website. This happens when a person reads your message in your signal they can easily click the link in the signal and go right to the page you want them to go to.
They help your website rank higher in search results because all the top search engines have confirmed that they now use social signals as a significant ranking factor.

Is there a limit to the number of sites I can promote or signals I can create?
No. You can create as many Campaigns as you want to broadcast as many messages as you want about as many websites as you want. The only limiting factor is how fast those signals are posted depending upon which subscription edition you choose.

What happens to my signals if I cancel my subscription?
Once your signals are posted, they stay posted even if you cancel. Furthermore, your signals instantly start spreading across all the social networks after they are posted, and even after you cancel, so they can have a long-lasting effect on driving traffic to your website and at helping your site rank higher in search results.

What is the "Shockwave Effect?"
In short, it refers to how people in social signals share information with each other to reach more and more people. For example, when we post one of your signals on one of our social accounts it is seen by the people who are following that account. If one of those people Likes, Shares, ReTweets, PlusOnes, Diggs, etc. your signal, it is then seen by everybody who is following them. And if some of those people like it, then it is seen by people who are following them...on and on. As you can see, the Shockwave Effect can have a HUGE impact on the number of potential customers your message gets exposed to.

How does the risk-free trial work?
You select the subscription edition that best meets your needs and budget and use your Promo Code to order it at a 30% discount. If at any time during the first 30 days of your subscription you are not satisfied with Social Shockwave for ANY reason, simply let us know and we will immediately refund every cent back to you. No questions, no hassles. Guaranteed.

Who owns these accounts that allows your software to send automated posts to them?
We own all 20,000+ accounts that we post on. We have been actively building social accounts for more than 3 years, and we have built up a large inventory in that time frame. We actually have created nearly 50,000 accounts, but many are inactive now because several networks where we had accounts (e.g. - Google Buzz, Hictu,, Posterous, Blip, Multiply, etc.) closed down.

While we realize sites will come and go, we primarily focus on building new accounts on the more "stable" social sites to minimize this "spoilage." We have also found that the more stable sites also tend to provide better results.

And while we create new accounts every day in our efforts to grow our network "wider", our primary focus is on cultivating those accounts to get as many followers to each account as possible. Building a "deep" network like this takes a LOT of time and effort, but it is our top priority because followers are what make the network so powerful. Without followers, the accounts would provide very little benefit because nobody would "hear" or care what our customers are saying.

And while we have had many customers ask us if they could add their social accounts to our network (as a sort of "crowd sourcing"), we politely decline because we only post on accounts we own so we can maintain very high quality control. Doing this enables us to ensure 3 things:
  • Social Shockwave only posts signals on accounts that have followers who would be interested in the signal's message.
  • All posts to each account are relevant and high-quality, and there is no "spam" posting.
  • The daily number of posts made to an account is limited to a reasonable number to ensure followers aren't bombarded with messages.
Overall, building this network of social accounts has been a LOT of work (trust me! ), but it has also proven to be very rewarding (and sometimes amazing) to see the results it generates.

Is it possible to get a report that shows where post had been posted?
Yes, the Dashboard provides you with full reports on your Signal posting activity. This includes tracking which Campaign's Signals were posted, when they were posted, to which Social Network they were posted, and on which Account they were posted.

NOTE: Earlier today we had a request to be able to export this data for reporting purposes, and we think that is a great idea. As a result, we will soon add the ability to export this data in CSV, Excel, or PDF format so you can use it in your own tracking and reporting (whether for yourself or for clients).

The reports also show you the direct "reach" of each Signal (i.e., the number of followers an account had when your signal was posted to it) so you can see how many people your Signals are reaching.

NOTE: We are working to develop an effective way to measure the "Shockwave Effect" each Signal generates (i.e., how many followers of followers of followers, etc. saw your message). While it is possible to do this to some degree for Twitter, Facebook and Google+, etc., it is more difficult to do it for other social sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, etc. However, we are work hard at it, and I'm confident we'll come up with something that will give at least some level of visibility into those metrics. I'll keep everybody posted on our progress.

How many Subscription Edition are there, and what does it cost?
We currently offer 4 different Subscription Editions to meet your promotional needs and budget. Standard pricing starts at $29 per month, but this WSO gives you 30% off so the starting price is just $20.30 per month.

You can view the Subscription Editions to see which one is best for you...and remember to discount the price shown by 30% for the WSO. (FYI...if you haven't done so already, be sure to get your Promo Code for the WSO so you will get the 30% discount.)

Can I use Social Shockwave to promote my affiliate offers?
The short answer is this: We have done a good amount of testing on this, and promoting an affiliate product or CPA is just as effective as promoting your own product or websites. In fact, we found no difference in traffic generation between the two. (However, the SEO benefits differ if the link you are using is a link to an affiliate product page vs. your own.)

Here's the long answer...

When we first built Social Shockwave we were initially thinking the Signals would primarily be used to promote websites for SEO purposes (due to the back links in each Signal) because the Signals definitely helped websites rank higher in search results.

While we were very happy with the SEO benefits, we were also pleasantly surprised (almost amazed) at how effective the Signals were at driving traffic to sites because people actually clicked on the links in the Signals to learn more about what was said in the Message.

We saw the potential this had, so we tested different promotional messages to see if this would work for a variety of Messages. We tested each of the following:

* Websites
* Facebook pages
* YouTube videos
* Our Landing Pages for our products
* Our Landing Pages for affiliate products
* Links to Landing Pages for affiliate products (with our Affiliate ID in the link)
* Articles we published
* Press releases we published
* A free ebook we published
* Random comments
* Quotes of the day

We found that to drive traffic it doesn't matter which URL you are promoting. Rather, what is important is the Message in your Signal. The better the Message (e.g., special offer, urgency, free info, etc.), the more traffic it generated.

The Signals that had a strong Call-to-Action drove tons of traffic. Examples include:
* "Get our free ebook to see how to drive traffic to your website --> [LINK]"
* "Try a powerful new social marketing tool 100% RISK-FREE --> [LINK]"
* "Want more traffic to your website AND higher rankings? Get them here --> [LINK]"
* "@TwitterName gets you higher rankings and more traffic...try it risk-free and save 30% --> [LINK]"

General "informational" Signals like articles, the random comments (e.g., "Google released Hummingbird...curious to see the impact it will have on rankings.") or quotes of the day had good reach but didn't drive a lot of traffic because there was no reason for people to click on the link in the Signal.

NOTE: When we added "Click to read more famous quotes" at the end of the Quote of the Day Message, the CTR percentage went through the roof (comparatively speaking). This definitely showed us that having a good Call-to-Action is critical to driving traffic from the Signals.

It all boils down to this...your Signals are little "advertising billboards" that you can use to promote whatever you want. So general advertising principles apply in making your Signals as effective as possible: use urgency, use exclusivity, use curiosity, etc. to attract attention to your Signals, and ALWAYS include a Call-to-Action to get people to click on the links in your Signals

General Chatter / Re: Peanut Butter
« on: March 30, 2013, 09:31:57 PM »
My son gets the hiccups all the time so I'm excited to try this. Thanks for a great tip and the smile :)

Internet Marketing Methods / Re: Tips For Email Marketing
« on: March 23, 2013, 07:35:49 AM »
Another consideration for email marketing is determining what type of format to use. The most widely usable format is text vs HTML. You need to decide what format works best for you and your audience. Choose one or both but be consistent.  Knowing who your audience is will help you decide what will work best for you.

Good luck and happy marketing:)

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