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Hi chrisjoneslv,

You can add 3 sites/urls when you signup but we work with each client individually so you can request as many sites/urls you need.

Thank you for your interest.

Hi Durie,

I just tested all links for each of our Social Signals package and they work fine so you can sign up for plan of your choice.

If you need any help send me PM or use our contact form please.


Hi, We still offer social signals service but our server is down right now.
I'm really sorry for this inconvenience. We should be back online very soon.

Thanks for your interest.

Jon, can you add so new post is not published but saved as draft.


'Apply These "Hush-Hush" Tactics
To Compel Marketing Gurus
To Joint Venture With You!'

A "Tell All" - "Show All"
Tested And Proven Approach...

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Originally Posted by TBrian

Thank you Joni... I picked up the WSO and OTO and was greatly surprised at the OVER DELIVERY of products on the download page. Very well worth the price.


Originally Posted by Ken Reno

Hey thank you very much Joni - I'll get both of them and check them out!

Using everything you provide, if a guy/gal pulls ONE new JV partner, this system has paid for itself many many times over.

Thanks for bringing this info to the WarriorForum, where so many of us NEED it!
Keep up the good work!

If you’ve ever wondered how the “Gurus” of Internet marketing get to become millionaires, what I’m about to expose is one of their most dangerously guarded secret methods that explodes their businesses AND bank accounts.

Remember though, they all struggled at first. Most - if not all of these guys were dead broke in the beginning, just like the rest of us when they jumped on the Internet marketing bandwagon.

But something radically changed for them...

Now, you’ve all heard the extensive chatter on the subject of Joint Ventures, one of the most powerful tools for being successful online and offline that you can utilize in today’s competitive marketing world, right?

And that Joint Ventures can expand your business exponentially to create one hell of a powerful presence, correct?

So what do you think they all do?

If you guessed Joint Ventures, you’re absolutely right on.

Although, that ISN’T
their dangerously guarded secret . . .

Isn’t it weird how all of the sudden, these guys (who were dead broke) seem to have a product that gets knocked out of the park . . . just like that?

What is the secret in contacting and landing some of the biggest partners in Internet marketing today?

The “Masters” Know How to Write
a JV Letter,
What to Write IN a JV Letter,
And How Simply Massaging The Prospect
Is THE Most Important Part. . .

(And I don’t mean that literally!)

Let me ask you . . . Has anyone even begun to teach you what elements must go into a JV letter? Or, even how to write one for that matter? Maybe an outline? I’d have to say no . . .

Without the absolute - correct approach, your efforts most likely will NOT get you or your business noticed any time soon.

You gotta include;

- A Winning Attitude
- A Unique Angle
- A Big Idea
- A Well-Thought Out Plan . . .

And a kick-ass way of presenting all of it to these guys.

Do me a favor and let your mind wander back to high school for a minute. Remember all the “cliques” there were that everyone wanted to be a part of to be popular? You had the Cheerleaders, the Jocks, the “in” crowd . . .

Well, consider the “Masters” of Internet marketing to be one of the most exclusive “cliques” exploding on the Internet today.

See, the “Gurus” create their secret “inner” circle of friends and partners which is extremely difficult to penetrate. And it’s usually based on how much cash they’re able to score by promoting each other.

However, they also assist in other areas of their businesses; resources - advice - masterminding, product launches, etc.

When one of these “Master” marketers is approached by an excellent JV partner, the “inner” circle takes them under their wings and basically endorses them.

And that Warriors, is where
the extremely lucrative cycle begins . . .

So how does an Internet marketer who’s just starting out get noticed by even just ONE of these extremely successful “inner” circles?

Well, you’re about to find out below . . .

Hello Beautiful Warriors, Joni here . . .

Recognize Any of These Masters?

Aaron Leighton - Joshua Shafran - Neil Shearing -
Dan Kuschell - Graham Hamer - Eric Stafford - Derek Gehl - Ken Evoy - Lee Mcintyre . . .

This is actually a partial list of the marketing ‘Masters’ I sent a JV Proposal too, back in 2008 after being challenged by my Internet marketing coach to do so . . . a millionaire who knows JV’s like the back of his hand.

The inside story revealed . . .

It was 2008. I had a very niched out market that I wanted to offer different coaching programs - work at home products and services too, for people with chronic illnesses and disabilities that I would send in the form of a newsletter to my subscriber list.

How in the hell could this girl from a teeny-tiny town in Ohio get these ‘Big Time’ successful Internet product owners to jump on board with me?

Well, for one, that’s why coaching programs are so vital to any Internet marketing beginner. You need direction from someone who has already been there - done that and knows what works best. My recommendation?

Get your foot in the door with one of them.

Anyway, let’s shorten the story. My Internet marketing coach challenged me . . .

If I could write one helluva JV letter, he’d take me up on my offer to feature his coaching program in my newsletter.

Well, I’m not sure he was ready for what I was about to put together. I knew what was at stake here . . .

It wasn’t just any generic JV letter. What I created was a JV Business Proposal Package, and now . . . I’m handing it in its entirety over to you . . .

So what happened?

Here’s a “snippet” of the reaction I received after sending it off to my coach for review that was posted in our exclusive protégées’ forum for thousands of other students to see and model from;

July 10, 2008 - Ryan, Coaching Director

*** By now you have heard the importance of Joint Ventures.
One of your fellow Proteges really took the ball and ran with it
and approached Dan himself with a Joint Venture proposal.
She did an amazing job!

Joni’s approach to requesting a Joint Venture with Dan was phenomenal. We’ve attached some of the items that Joni sent so you can model.
This is some of the best copy we have ever seen. The copy in this letter really blew us all away, including Dan.
She does a great job of making her prospect feel great about themselves and presenting herself as a professional. ***

I’m only exposing this because most of you probably don’t know who I am or what I do;

Professionally I’m a Direct Response Copywriter and Internet Business Building Coach.

I adore animals, nature, love music, old people, football and love to laugh at myself or anything else life likes to dish out.

I’ve created 3 FREE WSO’s in the past few months and 1 WSO for a buck. Here are a few comments I received from the Warriors who took advantage of what I brought to the table:

Originally Posted by SocialVani

Hi Joni,

Thanks for sharing this eBook with us. I absolutely loved it
I reviewed your eBook as well and published it on my blog.

Check it out here- Review: Vision Statement Blueprint | Social Vani


Originally Posted by Niky Ray

Thank you so much for this precious info, Joni!

I'm glad to be on your list!

You really know how important mastering the inner game is and you always have something of value to share with your subscribers!

What's next?

Originally Posted by dougb

Thanks, I have been putting off this area, I am looking forward to jumping in and thanks for the templates too.

Originally Posted by Sam England

Thanks Joni...

It is damn sure worth a BUCKAROO...


Originally Posted by grey77

What a terrific offer. Thank you. It's information I would never know about otherwise.
And your unadvertised bonuses blew me away. What a generous download!
Thanks again, and Blessings to you,

Listen Guys. I honestly believe the best and only way you’ll take serious action is to have something to model - to look at - to be able to printout and study from to form your own ideas.

So that’s exactly what I’m handing to you today. The exact steps AND the “original” powerful items I used to create my JV Business Proposal Package.

How Come You’ve Never Heard
Of a JV Package?

Again, because it’s an “inner” circle thing. The “Masters” have tons of cash to flash in front of JV partners - grabbing their attention and getting them on board through commission checks adding up to thousands and thousands of dollars. Can you REALLY compete with all of that dough?

Hell no you can’t! Not when you’re just starting out or . . . even if you have been around for a while.

Most Internet marketers tell you to send out some kind of JV letter to the people you’re interested in and chances are, if sent by email it will be deleted or if sent by snail mail, it may get dumped into “File 13" . . . the trash.

There is nothing out there like JV Invite Advantage that details and explains what needs to be implemented to land a “Master” JV partner.

What Is a JV Proposal Package?

Let me start by telling you what it’s NOT;

  • a simple letter
  • a simple email
  • a simple phone call . . .

A JV Proposal Package is a series of items, specifically targeted to a potential partner that will STOP him/her dead in their tracks. They will open - read and respond to it . . . because you are targeting them specifically and personally.

Here’s what essentially has to happen. You must;

  • Definitely “tease” them just enough to pique their curiosity
  • Specifically call the prospect out in a personal manner, one on one
  • Let them know that YOU know who they are and what they do
  • Recognize their accomplishments and do a little massaging
  • List as many benefits as possible so saying “Not Interested” is not an option
  • Give major details on what you’re proposing
  • Be totally confident, professional and conversational
  • Call them to action - leaving no room for error
  • Make them realize you mean business and know what you’re talking about
  • Understand the “inner” JV game and master it

With JV Invite Advantage at your fingertips, you’ll accomplish all of this and more . . .

Who Benefits From
Sending a JV Package?

Joint Ventures are a win-win situation for everyone involved. Everyone gets something out of it no matter what kind of Joint Venture you’re pursuing.

You benefit, your partner benefits and so do your customers. Why? Because you are bringing more to the table then what you’d have to offer alone . . . AND . . . teaming up with like-minded individuals creates an ongoing relationship that in all honesty is better than the money. You want to build for the long-term and . . . the money always follows.

Who Can Apply This JV Proposal Package?

- Online: Internet Marketers including newbies - intermediates - vets - product owners . . .

- Offline: Business owners - brokers - job seekers - whoever has the creativity to take this package - model it and come up with a twist . . . that means you and everyone else . . .

So Joni, Why Would I Want
To Model Your JV Proposal Package?

Well for starters, there is nothing like JV Invite Advantage that reveals so much personal training - detail and explanation on creating a JV invite, approaching potential prospects, actually writing a JV proposal and what the follow up consists of.

It’s real and really honest.

I’ll let you in on something . . . I was a broker for a plastics company for more than 5 years. For every ten sales calls I made, maybe, maybe . . . one person would respond. It was tough.

Likewise, for every JV Proposal I sent to these”gurus” not all jumped on board here either . . . (I can hear what you’re thinking . . . ) Keep reading . . .

But here’s where it gets interesting; The few selected prospects that I did send it out to opened it and read it even if they weren’t interested. And that’s half the battle right there.

Here are a few of the actual responses I received . . .

1) Reply by: Lee McIntyre

Hi Joni

I want to say thanks so much for a great JV email. This is a brilliant JV email and a great project.

I would like to take part but I can't this month - I'm just bogged down in project and simply can't commit the time right now. I'd like to request that you keep me in mind however for future issues as I'd love to participate when I have a touch more time.

Thanks again!

Lee McIntyre

2) Reply By Graham Hamer

Hi Joni

Good to hear from you. I'm absolutely fascinated with
your project. It's original and it's got a high value in a
niche market .... all the signs of a sure winner!

Take Care
Graham Hamer

3) Reply By Aaron Leighton

Hi Joni

Firstly - thank you for your patience.

I realize it's been a whole month now since you first contacted us... unfortunately at that time I was at my best mate's wedding and came back to a fair few things that required my urgent attention.

I apologize for not looking over this sooner.

Your idea looks fantastic and I am sure we can help make this a win-win for all involved.

Let me put together a profile over the weekend and get it to you via this ticket.

Best regards and thanks again for your patience!

Aaron Leighton

To be honest, I didn’t keep copies of all my responses, however, I’m glad I had saved a few to reveal so you could read some of the ways the “Masters” responded and what you can expect.

What’s Included in This
Original JV Business Proposal Package?

1) Discover the reasons why you need to consider doing Joint ventures; many, many, many

2) Learn why NOT to be just an affiliate

3) Tap into why the “Masters” WILL joint venture with you if done correctly

4) Learn from a beginner who has been there . . . Joni’s very personal JV Challenge, the full untold story

5) Soak-up a “full-blown - step-by-step - 30 Page Instruction Book” . . . and when I say 30 pages I don’t mean “Blank” pages that you see filling out so many other books . . . it’s 30 meaty pages. (Including screen shots)

6) Master the original JV Business Proposal broken down piece by piece, item by item, revealing the components used and why

7) Take in the exact letters, (yea, not just one) and printout - study - get ideas from to create your own unique winning JV invites

8 ) With each item, a list of the strategies used and what they mean

9) Apply these critical elements or you’re dead in the water

10) Why using video can drive the point personal video included

11) Learn why your JV Proposals can be rejected

12) How to locate interested JV prospects

13) Examples of who I contacted and from where

14) The follow-up . . . the how, why and what

15) Revealed; the 11 steps you need to make sure are included in every JV proposal

There is nothing like this . . .

To be truthful, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to bare my soul by offering this very personal - under wraps training for everyone to see. Why? Because it makes you terribly vulnerable!

But the longer I thought about it, I know that many products out there show you the proof of making the money, but not the live actual events or examples that lead up to them making the money.

So that’s what I’m all about. I figure it this way; If I’m not willing to “disclose” it, I shouldn’t be here.

Okay, it’s time to close this puppy . . .

Here's Everything You Get
in This Exclusive Package!

Completely Revealed Jacked-Up
JV Proposal Package
Learn the exact process to create your own powerful
JV Business Proposal -
contact and land the prospects you want to work with! (Valued at $297)

The Complete JV Invite Advantage Proposal Mind Map
The exact system revealing my step-by-step winning approach! (Valued at $27)

Total Value: $324!

You have complete INSTANT access now!

And let’s not forget . . .

‘My 100% Money-Back Guarantee’

If for any reason you feel you haven’t
received any value from JV Invite Advantage,
make sure you request a refund.

JV Invite Advantage is not expensive and it’s so simple to access. Just click on the “Buy” button now. It’s really that simple.

You may think this exceptional “tell-all” product is’s not. It’s called VALUE from someone who knows what that means.

This is totally your decision. But you should hurry. I don’t know how long I’m willing to leave this very personal - special offer hanging out there!

Breaking the Income Barrier,

P.S. If you’re curious on what the responses were from the Guru names I listed at the top of this letter, here it is . . .
They all read it, and only 2 said “Not Interested.”

Could I be any more transparent?

Is It True You Can Write Compelling Copy
Without Using Sleazy - Manipulating Tactics?

You Bet You Can...

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Hey Guys, Joni here...

You know, I keep hearing the same thing over and over again and you probably have also; "I’m so sick and tired of reading sales copy that is so infested with nothing other than hype! It’s all B.S.”

I have read some of the comments here in the forum and they are very telling. Seems like we’re all craving a different approach for the most part... one that’s credible and honest.

But the sad thing is; all of us still chime in and buy a product or service, based on that very reason. "Hype.”

Unfortunately, it plays into our DNA. We all want something exciting - sexy and cool.

It makes us feel so good. You know...instant gratification or so we think.

However, once that “feeling” wears off - what are we left with? Excuses...

Excuses of why the product didn’t work. After reading such a hyped-filled piece of sales copy, our expectations are so high that when it's time to actually apply what was taught we can't believe it... Really?

“I thought I didn’t have to do was suppose to be push-button and cash would start flowing in instantly!” Sound familiar?’s not looking so sexy is it?

I’ve gotten sucked in too many times and maybe now I just want to change the world or something, I’m not sure. Hell, maybe it’s my age. But what I look for now in copy is honesty - integrity - credibility and real solutions to whatever I need help with...

With that being said, I want to offer you guys an alternative...something fresh. I feel it’s time to stop making our prospects feel like they’ve been taken on a wild ride and can’t get off...

You know and I know consumers are not stupid. Our potential customers have so many options too choose from today that basically, they’re catching onto these sleazy tactics. Just like we are.

Now I know that many, many copywriters and Internet marketers totally disagree with what I’m saying here and that’s fine. All I can say is keep pumping out your style of writing if it’s working for you.

But here’s the interesting thing;

I’ve had great success on oDesk writing for a number of clients...but - with “mixed” reactions in regards to writing “hype.” Clients have asked me to re-write “hype-filled” sales letters after they’ve seen my style, while one other client commented that my style wasn’t “hypey” enough. "It doesn’t look like all the rest..." Go figure...

Believe it or not, consumers are starting to pay attention...

So if you’re curious about where I’m coming from, check out this Free 11- page report, “Persuasion Power Secrets, The Building Blocks For Writing Persuasive Copy Without The Hype” now to find out how to start applying something different in your copy.

If You Think Creating
A Press Release Is
Difficult - Intimidating - Or
Out of Your League,
Think Again . . .

Follow These 6 Easy Steps
And Build Your First One
In No Time Flat . . .

Many, many times, there were certain steps in Internet marketing that absolutely scared the hell out of me. And creating a press release was one of those things.

Putting it out there for everyone to see? You’ve got to be kidding me! I don’t know about you but I was pretty naive about the entire press release process.

I guess just the words “press release” intimidated me so much that I actually lost sleep over it. Did I really think that CNN or The New York Times would contact me? ( I wish they would have now that I know!)

But just like anything else you do for the first time, it’s scary and your confidence just isn’t least for me it wasn’t.

So that’s why I’ve created a short video and PDF, “Press Release Principles, How to Build a Press Release In 6 Easy Steps.”

So put your fears to bed and let’s move forward. Acquire some knowledge of how to actually write and format one so you can start submitting them!

Here's what's included;
  • A short video explaining how to find an angle
  • 6 Easy Steps to build a Press Release
  • A PDF defining these steps
  • Sample of the Press Release format
  • Free PR Directories to submit your Press Release
  • My first “stab” at a Press Release for you to view (2008)

Follow these 6 easy steps - check out the format and start building!
You CAN do this.

Go's totally Free! Just click the link below...


How To Build A Massive, Profitable List
Using Advanced Aweber Tactics!

Here's why you need this amazing package...

  • Discover How To Leverage Your List For Massive Profits
  • Tap Into The Power of Aweber's Hidden Secret Tools
  • Learn The Exact Steps Needed To Force Your List To Throw Cash At You Daily
  • Extract the Gold Nuggets About Broadcasting For Profits
  • Discover Precisely How To Automate Your Marketing To Free Up Time
  • And much, much more...

Here's the deal...

You've probably heard how important list building is, but without the right gameplan and directions, you'll most likely get the same results you've always got... However, if you follow the same steps the smartest marketers are taking to get massive, profit building results, there's no way you'll fail.

Well, not only did I reveal how to build your list in this series, but I also show how to profit from it using several little know tools that are practically kept under wraps to the general public.

Here's Everything You Get in This
Exclusive Package!

Everything Revealed Video Tutorial
Learn exactly how to build a massive profit generating list!(Valued at $197)

The Complete Audio File
Listen to everything on the road, in the gym, wherever you want! (Valued at $97)

The Complete Listbuilding Blueprint
The exact system revealing my step by step gameplan! (Valued at $47)

Total Value = $341!

Get Instant Access To Everything For Only...

Why Am I Selling This For So Little? Are You Insane!?

Here's the deal. I know that if you see a product of great value for a dirt cheap price like this and grab it, that you're going to not only be a happy customer, but you're also going to check out more of my products, which means we'll be friends for a long, long time.

Plus, in all honesty, I love to over-deliver. It makes me happy to shake things up and give way more than most other marketers for an incredible price. If nothing else, it really makes my customers loyal to me since they know that I'll take care of them.

Plus You're Also Covered By My "No Questions Asked" 30 Day Guarantee!

Take me up on my offer and if you're not completely thrilled in the first ten minutes then I insist that you email me here and I will personally refund every penny of your investment.

Or better yet...

Try it out for a full month. Go through all the killer bonuses till your heart's content and if you're still not satisfied for any reason or no reason at all, simple send me a quick email here and I will refund every penny of your order!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my offer.
I guarantee you're gonna love it!

Joni WaseityBeadle

P.S. Don't forget, you're getting immediate access to my List Building video and audio files including the step by step blueprint.

P.P.S. Also, you're covered 100% by my no questions asked guarantee for a full thirty days, so if you decide you don't want it for any reason or no reason at all, just email me here and I'll refund every penny right away!


‘You Too Can Apply This One - Simple - Effective - Maneuver
That Every Major Internet Marketer Banks On
To Stay Extremely Focused.

Amazon - Apple - Dell - FaceBook - Google -
Plus, Millionaires - 6-Figure Incomers. . .
They All Do it!’

This is THE foundation of any successful business...the most crucial stage most of us have never done or...even heard much about. Not many Internet marketers discuss this in detail.

This is where it all begins...

If you’re a beginner in Internet marketing, this is a vital necessity - you’ll be one “focused” step ahead.

If you’ve been around for any length of time and haven’t done this, well, there’s no time like today to map out where you’re going to ensure your success and strive for the next level of achievement AND income.

And I’d have to say, this is one of those things Warriors, that you as a business person should really demand of yourself - as a key part of your business advancement.

Go on...say yes...and click the link below now.

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