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We are currently working on a strategy guide for using Google Alerts and the Alerts Creation Wizard in SEO.

Stay tuned...


Right now, only the option to receive alerts by email is implemented. Adding the RSS option is certainly something we could look into.

We you purchase the Alerts Creation Wizard, you automatically receive free updates.


We are currently investigating your issue and will issue an update ASAP. Thanks.


Leverage the Power of Google Alerts and Create Dozens of Google Alerts with the click of a button!

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As you may know, Google Alerts is great for keeping up to date with things like breaking news stories or your favorite sports team or celebrity. But savvy internet marketers have been using Google Alerts to augment their SEO and marketing efforts to boost their site rankings.

Google Alerts can be used to

  • Improve your website rankings
  • Find popular niches
  • Monitor your competition
  • Find easy backlink sources
Let's say you want to know when someone links to your website or blog? Then just create the following alert:

How would you like to be notified when a new post on your blog is indexed? Then just create an alert for a unique line from your article. It's that easy.

You can even monitor a specific site for content you're interested in. Just include in your alert and you're good to go. This is powerful way to monitor forum posts relating to a specific keyword or niche in which you might be interested.

You could even use Google Alerts to track those pesky content thieves that "borrow" material from you websites?

The problem with Google Alerts

As great as Google Alerts is, it does fall short in one crucial area. Google Alerts only let's you create one query at a time.

Internet marketing is all about keywords. And in internet marketing it's common to have a list of dozens of keywords relating to a niche you're targeting.

For instance, if I'm promoting a niche site relating to bass guitar, then I may want to create Google Alerts for the following list of relevant keywords:

Using the default Google Alerts interface would be a time-consuming task!

Furthermore, as a serious internet marketer I may have dozens of niches that I'm targeting. So the number of alerts I would have to create would be significant.

Introducing Alerts Creation Wizard

Alerts Creation Wizard is a software application for Windows that allows you set up dozens of alerts with the click of button. It allows you to really leverage the full potential of Google Alerts by making it quick and easy to set up batches of alerts for each of your niche/keyword lists.

Alerts Creation Wizard provides an easy, intuitive user interface.

  • Simply type or paste in your list of keywords.   
  • You then just supply your Gmail account details, configure your advanced options and click the create button.
  • Alerts Creation Wizard goes to work creating a Google Alert for each of your search terms.
  • While it's working it provides a convenient feedback window to let you know how it's progressing.

But that's not all, it also provides an easy way to refine your alerts because the more precise your search terms are, the more relevant your Google Alerts will be.

To target specific websites just enter the domains that you want included. You can even specify domains you want excluded from the alerts as well as any negative keywords to ignore.

Automate your Google Alerts creation

As an internet marketer, you are a busy person, whether it's managing your blog/website, content creation, article marketing or backlink building.

Alerts Creation Wizard makes it easier and faster to create Google Alerts. More Google Alerts means more results means more SEO/IM opportunities.

Exclusive Offer for members of

Purchase Your Copy Now For Only

$12 $7

Your Purchase Will Immediately Be
Delivered As A Software Download

Buy the Alerts Creation Wizard NOW and make it another powerful tool in your internet marketing toolkit.

Runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

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