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Instant Video Wizard / Re: After Effects - Voiceover Going out of Sync
« on: February 07, 2018, 04:09:12 AM »
I'm still "banned" :-( I use chrome - so I've also tried with Firefox and Safari having completely cleared everything - but that hasn't helped.

On the bright side - if I enable transitions (medium) my video syncs up perfectly - so that problem seems to be when transitions are disabled.

Instant Video Wizard / Re: After Effects - Voiceover Going out of Sync
« on: February 06, 2018, 07:29:28 AM »
Problem with the forum today:

Getting the message:  "Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum!
This ban is not set to expire".

And it won't let me login.

It's not cookies because it does it on other browsers.

I'm posting this from a remote server on a different IP.  It lets me log in ok on that - so it's not a ban on my account - perhaps there's an accidental block on my usual IP (The one I started this thread with?)


Re the video - It's possible I forgot to hit the save button after doing that audio.

I rendered without transitions - as I thought they might be the cause of the problem.

I'll re-record the audio for the remaining slides - make sure I hit save - and I'll let you know what happens.

Instant Video Wizard / Re: After Effects - Voiceover Going out of Sync
« on: February 05, 2018, 11:17:10 AM »
Hi Jon,

Thank you very much for looking at this so quickly.

It's definitely better - but the audio's still falling behind after halfway.  Unfortunately it also seems to have lost the voiceover for slides 21 onwards.  It did that earlier today - I just put it down to a glitch and re-recorded them - but it's done it again.

They definitely HAD voiceover - because I've got a rendered version which has it.

BTW - I didn't set the slide timings manually - but I did create each slide manually rather than using the wizard - I'm guessing the timings got set when I chose different After Effects clips for each slide.

Instant Video Wizard / After Effects - Voiceover Going out of Sync
« on: February 05, 2018, 04:30:30 AM »
I've created a video with 28 After Effects slides - but the voiceover is going out of sync.  By halfway through, the audio is well behind.  (This is on the rendered video, not just the preview).

I recorded the audio for each slide separately rather than slicing up an mp3 - so it should be in sync.

Can this be fixed?


Instant Video Wizard / How to Edit After Effects
« on: February 02, 2018, 05:19:52 AM »
Loving the After Effects feature - especially the Kinetic Text.

But I can't find a way to edit the text once I've created and rendered the slide.

The information video says:

"Once the After Effects clip has been rendered you can preview it and make any changes to it that you wish using the editor"

But when I try to edit an After Effects slide with the pencil icon, it just shows the normal text - it doesn't pop-up the After Effects text.  Is there a way to edit that, (I realise it would have to be re-rendered) or do I just need to delete the slide and create a new AE slide?

(Can't help feeling I'm missing something obvious).

Instant Video Wizard / Feature Requests
« on: October 19, 2017, 01:30:22 PM »
Enjoying creating with Instant Video Wizard.  And it's good to see new features like After Effects being added too.

Could I make a few suggestions for new features here?

1. Ken Burns Effect (Pan / Zoom stills).  I know this has been requested elsewhere - but it's top of my list so I thought I'd include it here.

2.  Would be a great timesaver to be able to point IVW at a local folder of images, and have it upload them and create a slide for each one automatically.

3.  The default slide duration when you're not recording audio or using speech is 1s - which is too fast.  Could this be changed to something like 5s?  Or an option to change duration of all slides at once?  It's quite time consuming changing durations one slide at a time.

4.  I had a go with the slicer - but on a 12 minute audio I found it was hard to click the bar exactly enough to get the slice where I wanted it.  A "slice now" button would be easier to use.

5.  Would it be possible to support searching Pixabay, Unsplash and/or Flickr CC0 images from within IVW?

It's great to see IVW being improved all the time - I hope some of those suggestions are useful.


Instant Video Wizard / Re: Zoom Effect on images
« on: October 19, 2017, 01:19:56 PM »
Good to hear a Ken Burns effect (panning or zooming of stills) is in the pipeline - it would be a great new feature to add.

Instant Video Wizard / Text left or right disappears when you add a video
« on: October 08, 2017, 10:40:24 AM »
Having a problem using a video on a slide with text on left or right of the slide:

When I add a video, the text disappears.  The text shows fine if you select any of the other layouts (top, bottom, middle etc).

URL is,videos_slide_layouts,videos_slides_edit,3

This is on a Mac on Chrome 61 - but doesn't seem to be a browser issue since Firefox does the same - and the video renders without the text on those slides too.

I can do a screen capture video of what I'm seeing if that would help.


The Best Spinner 3 / Feature Suggestion - Or Perhaps Not?
« on: March 22, 2012, 05:28:36 AM »
One feature that I'd like to see is the ability to specify favourites with a placeholder which you can put within the spintax, and would be expanded at spin-time.

It would be nice to be able to define a long list of composers, bands, drinks, cities or whatever, and place them within articles - without having to manage enormous lists within the spintax.

For example - a sentence like:  "Just chilling out with [a drink] listening to [band] on the cd player."   Where the words in asterisks are favourites which are placeholders for a list of perhaps a hundred or more items.

But perhaps there's already a way to do this?   I guess data merge would do it - but that seems a bit cumbersome.

I think Google are now far too dominant, so I've been switching over to Bing for most of my searches.

The answer to your question depends on the type of search you're doing...  Bing is every bit as good as Google for navigational searches, and probably just as good for most ordinary mainstream searches too, sometimes better actually.  Google still has a bit of an edge for some long tail searches - for example if you're trying to find some specific piece of information about an error or something techy - and the answer is on page 3 of a forum thread from 4 years ago - Google is more likely to be able to return it than Bing.  It feels like there's not much difference in the quality of the ranking technology, but perhaps Google has a larger crawl and therefore a larger database.

Looks interesting.  Could you add domains to the "Domains Available" section?  That would be a big plus here in the UK.

Looks good. 

May I add my name to the list wanting a UK database - and also - when that is selected, a check for exact match domains would be very useful.

New Product Ideas / Re: Google Index Miner
« on: November 23, 2011, 01:35:29 AM »
Oh it's there alright - Google returns 1000 results PER QUERY - you "just" need to do lots of queries and aggregate the results.

If you just do

Then you'll get a maximum of 1,000 results.  But you could do: "hamsters" "new york" "weight loss"

and it'll return 1,000 pages for each query - they may overlap quite a bit - so you'd need to aggregate and de-dupe the results - but you'd end up with more than 1,000 unique results.  You can also do things like: inurl:/subdirectory/

to find all the pages google has in its index from a particular subdirectory intitle:"in washington"

You can do all this stuff manually - but for a big site the data extraction and de-duplication would take a long time to do by hand.   An automated google mining tool could have presets to do other interesting things - not just extracting the whole site - but finding https pages, finding pages with querystrings etc.

Lots of possibilities for getting a better understanding of your site in Google's index.

New Product Ideas / Re: Google Index Miner
« on: November 18, 2011, 02:00:25 AM »

New Product Ideas / Google Index Miner
« on: November 17, 2011, 01:07:05 PM »
Don't know if this one's commercial enough - but I'd certainly buy it, so perhaps other webmasters with big sites would too:

Since Google Panda has slammed lots of big sites for having "low quality" pages on their domain - it's become important to look hard at the quality of every page on your domain that google has in its index.

But if you have a big site (or in fact anything over 1,000 pages) - it's almost impossible to get a list of all the URLs that Google has in its index.

For example - we have a site where a SITE: query is reporting 135,000 pages indexed - but Google will only return 1,000 urls.  So you're left guessing as to what the rest are.

I reckon we've got around 100,000 real pages - so Google's indexed around 35,000 strange variations, pages with query strings, or stuff I've plain forgotten about.

A utility that could extract a full list (or even a big list) of all the pages google has in its index for a particular domain would be incredibly useful - once you know what they've got, you could use NoIndex and robots.txt to clean it up.

I reckon this might be possible by querying Google with site: and words that only appear on a few pages on your site - and then de-duping the results, to create a list of unique pages in Google's index.

Might not be possible to be exhaustive - but I reckon it would be easy to get way beyond the 1,000 or so URLs that Google will return.

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