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I am disappointed and envious in equal measure. Disappointed that after I purchased the software a couple of hours ago, it just didn't work. :'( :'(  Envious because it appears there are some lucky people who haven't found a problem with the software.

I was able to do my first research and  got a couple of results. Tried clicking the auto create  content tool but it was not working. I saved the research and managed to use it to manually write an article with the info. not bad.  Problem is, that was the last time the software worked. Now it keeps returning 0 results for whatever keyword I use. I  have gone through the forum and tried all the suggestions but none seems to be solving the issue for me.

I really want to hear from anyone here that has been in my shoes before. How did you solve the issue? Oh, yeah. I have submitted a ticket and was advised to reduce fetch speed, disable firewall, and ensure  i have internet. None of that helped. I have been reading complaints of customers with  the same problems I am facing and I haven't seen a solution yet.  Is there any recent buyer here that got a solution? Please share the trick?

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