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I went ahead and submitted another support ticket, too.

It seems "THEY/THEM/HIM/WHOEVER" stopped access to the ticket - though, the ticket STILL remains "Status: Open - Awaiting Admin Response"

...I suppose that helps keep their inbox from over-spilling with the eventual followup comments and disappointment from customers.

Did you get an automatic response to your question?

...no answer and I've left followup comments, too.

If not, then check your spam folder

...no, it's not in my spam folder, either.

Alternatively, you may not have provided enough information for them to be able to send the info

...no, this is not my first rodeo. I gave them complete details of my purchase.

They may have been sending you queries?

...no, "They" haven't... the ticket remains in limbo "Status: Open - Awaiting Admin Response"

I am simply trying to get my key resent. I had a recent computer change (hard-drive crash) and need the keys to the 4 software apps I bought - software I bought to help support a museum charity of Jon's.

I am not surprised I am not getting anywhere with this. When I originally bought the software a couple of months ago and waiting a ridiculous amount of days, I eventually had to file a dispute with PayPal to get "THEY/THEM/HIM/WHOEVER" to send me the keys to what I purchased. Jon was REALLY QUICK to take my money, but completely ignored ALL support tickets and ALL followups and ALL emails I sent directly to get "THEY/THEM/HIM/WHOEVER" to simply send me the keys to my purchase. That was an over-the-top-experience of complete lack of respect to his customers and I vowed NEVER to buy from him again.

I knew that this process of support would be like "pulling-teeth" - to get the keys after my hard drive crash. And, I knew I'd have to keep pressing any way I could to get "THEY/THEM/HIM/WHOEVER" to have enough courtesy to respond.

I'd be more than happy to "Copy and Paste" the purchase details here, if it might help to get "THEY/THEM/HIM/WHOEVER" to respond. 

I purchased a 4-pack of Jon's software, to support a recent museum charity drive and cannot locate download links or key information.

I've tried submitting a ticket and am not sure why I cannot get them to answer. Do they monitor questions?

I did read in one of the rules here that question that don't belong will simply be deleted... so, my hope i that this one will eventually get answered before this request and my needs are wiped clean... maybe a bit of an over-reaction, but there seems to be a lot of emphasis of deleting in the rules... and LOTS of emails from Jon to buy this and that.


If you are someone who can help get someone's attention over at support, please tell them to answer this support:

Ticket ID: #08150
Subject: Please help - having trouble finding app keys

Thank you in advance.

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