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Sometimes I want to search only 1 source but by default all are selected. Would be nice to save unecessary clicking if there was "Select None" option. I would use that first and then select the only source I want. True is for vise versa as well. I would "Select All" and only those I want to search but not all sources.


Is it possible to do wildcard search without any specific word being in sugegstions box? Like what Amin said, except there would only be * without any additional word. That will bring all possible results.

Very interesting if this one will be on par with RegisterCompass or even better...

Jonathan's demonstration only shows how Copyscape sucks and proves my point here:

What is this tool exactly you are talking about people? What it allows to do?

The Best Spinner 2 / Suggestion For The Best Spinner
« on: May 30, 2011, 12:53:19 AM »
Hello Jonathan, what do you think of IAS?
{snip: don't link to competitors please}

Do you think implementing this idea into The Best Spinner?

Good job! How about letting users edit both articles when in comparison for duplicate content? I would like to edit right there and not in separate document by looking on duplicate content in The Best Spinner and  changing it in separate document.

Jonathan i have several questions pertaining to backlinks and one to "link juice":

1. Do you believe that link diversity plays important role for better ranking and trust from Google? Is it really a big difference between 1000 links from unique IPs and 1000 of links from same IP?

2. Do you believe in link velocity? Since we cannot control how fast our backlinks are indexed/crawled by Google, we can submit 100 of links today and 500 tomorrow and this can take from 1 month to several months more to index/crawl all links (as long as we do not ping them or try to force Google to index/crawl them)

3. Do you think there is a difference between indexing backlinks and crawling backlinks in terms of how differently would 2 impact on rankings?

4. Quality of backlinks or quantity of backlinks? What do you consider "quality backlinks"?

5. If page you have backlink on has PR of 5 and has 100 outbound links on it, does this impact on quantity of "link juice" you are getting?

Well reply already with something! I have very little time until doors are closed.

Jonathan, i have used IAW2 and IAW3 but same thing occurse always. It returns lot less results if not anything than you were showing keeping in video demonstrtion keeping in mind that i search with same keywords as used in video demonstartions.

Searching for "colon cancer" in IAW3 does not even close return amount of results you were returned in video demonstrations.

I have same problems as LACPAUL. Instant Article Wizard never returns much results. It was with previous versions and happens in this version.

Quote from: Boris_yo
1. Strange but i cannot get more than 4-5 sentences auto-created. I tried 500, 1000 and still get 4 - 5 sentences.

Quote from: Jonathan Leger
1. What keywords are you using?

Jonathan i used "cat training" and "colon cancer".

1. Strange but i cannot get more than 4-5 sentences auto-created. I tried 500, 1000 and still get 4 - 5 sentences.
2. Too bad it would not generate different results for that same keyword once i click on auto-create content. It always returns same content.
3. The big drawback i see with Instant Article Wizard product is that the longer the keyword you are targeting, the less is availability of content, because nobody optimizes for keywords unless that person is SEO. Everyone writes naturally and the only way to get content written for long-tail keywords it to create by yourself or outsource.

Instant Article Wizard 3 (CLOSED) / Re: Version 3.052 - New Demo Video
« on: December 28, 2010, 02:48:55 AM »
It would be good if we had ability to not only set number of paragraphs to all paragraphs, but to each paragraph.

Instant Article Wizard 3 (CLOSED) / My Beta Test #1
« on: December 20, 2010, 05:29:54 PM »
  • First research run was a crash, but i could not capture details.
  • When i tried to generate article, in paragraphs i could not select all sentences at once and this resulted error "Length" that could be ignored.
  • The inability to switch places of paragraphs.
  • When saved after generating article, the paragraphs are not labeled with topic so i have no way of knowing which topic that paragraph was belonging to.

Over and out.

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