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Search Engine Optimization / Re: Tumblr to WordPress?
« on: November 28, 2015, 12:21:26 AM »
Act it is more depend on how you drive traffic, not which platform you choose. Even a can generate a good amount of traffic if done properly.

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My apology if someone else have asked this before, but I just can't find the suitable answer.

As the topic suggest, I am looking for a content creation software for my money site.

I wish to build a site with a silo structure from the stretch.

So I am looking for:
1. Article generated from different part of article or blog or content
2. I can rewrite them using rewrite function for uniqueness and readability.
Basically the best software to generate unique content (not automatically, I know it is not possible. I don't mind to do extra rewrite on the content) that is good quality and readable.

Outsource is not a good long term solution for me.

What I see is Instant Article Wizard seems the one for me, but the software is already few years old and saw a lot of complains about it, does it still work?

Or the software actually replaced by other softwares such as Instant Article Factory, Article builder, Jiffy Articles, CF.... (to be frank I can't really differentiate what they did)

Kindly enlighten me on the choice of the software should go for my usage.

Note: I already have the best spinner.

Thank you very much.


I can't find related answer in the forum so i created this thread.

I want to create thousands of unique content using TBS for Tier 2 - Tier 3 Link Building with GSA SER.

I will scrapped articles from ScrapeBox and spin it with TBS.

I target 1 article to spin to 50 unique articles.

Can you suggest the best practice to spin 50 unique articles differ from original scrapped articles

Appreciate your help


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