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iNeedArticles / Writer quality-pay for 4 and 5 star and get amateurs
« on: November 24, 2015, 06:26:25 AM »
I have 100's of articles in the 800+ word range that I'm using you to write.The quality is all over the place.I'm paying for 4&5 star writers,instructions are specified and I have received some very good articles.Now this week I'm getting pure garbage written by amateurs.Articles are very hard to read and not on point at all.Trying to get my money back for those articles is worse than pulling teeth. Where's the quality here. Its not consistent.I have paid extra money for the same writer from before and the person who wrote it was clearly not the same writer.How am I suppose to receive quality from you every time???Wasting 10 and 20 dollars at a time is really getting old.Also I've had an article that I paid for 300 words and I only need less than 250 char. and no one has touched it for almost a week.It looks like there is no leadership going on here at all. Jon you claim to have the best article writers around so lets see it all the time not just once and a while.

Beware of Fiverr top article writers. Articles are being written in html coding output like in Article Builder(I'm just using as example-there is a box to check for this in Article Builder) to pass Copyscape. These articles will not rank in Google because Google doesn't see your keywords the way you do. I had 3 articles written by them with weird issues. All 3 articles passed copyscape but would not rank for SEO. (I had coders check the documents and they showed me the html coding used to fool me)Google will see this as possible blackhat issues. Beware of Fiverr writers. Doing a manual search I found my articles had been written over 50 times. This is not an advertisement for Jonathan Leger.(Its just the truth)I've had I Need Articles written for sales pages and they have done an excellent job for me.(The price is higher than Fiverr) No bs to put up with.To guarantee success always pay extra for the script box for details of your article.I just found these answers today after a week of investigation. Now I have to go back and remove all the work from many websites including facebook.(pay again for new articles)This is a bad day for Fiverr

I just ordered my 2nd article and I am furious with what I got from the writers. I am in the Real Estate industry and the first article was awesome from 4-5 star writer.I put this one in a couple of hours ago and its already completed. My key word was Goose Creek Homes for Sale and I go a article about financing. I am totally pissed about this.There's need to be a comment box for the keywords so that instructions can be given. I have 40 articles that need to be written and I don't have time to put up with this garbage. I'm sending in as request for a rewrite for free. There need to be a comment box for the keywords for instructions or the writers can just write what ever they want.

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