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Are you having persistent problems with the updates, or current operation of "The Best Spinner Beta V3".  Here's what I did...

Chances are that an original install or subsequent download of TheBestSpinnerV3 was corrupted, for whatever reason. 

Now, I'm not sure if this has been posted yet, regardless, here's what to do. And, Pay Attention----One Step At A Time!  Have this Window open so you can (alt-tab) and follow these instructions explicitly.  You should read these instructions first to familiarize yourself, then follow them.

I have Vista on this computer, and this sequence of events has rectified all persistent issues I have had with TheBestSpinnerV3 Beta (Install and Updates.)  It should work the same way in other versions of Windows (ie., XP, Windows 7, etc. (your Windows Versions may have different names in the Control Panel.)

1.) Print this page (just in case - (left click once with your mouse at the very beginning of this post, keep the left key down, and drag the mouse down to the last word of the post, then release your finger) - Highlights this post in Blue (leave it blue.)  Goto  File--> Print --> Print Range: Radio Button for "Selection" (select this) and then select Print Button)  Once printed, re-boot your computer and come back to this page.
2.) Goto this link The Best Spinner Beta V3 and download the newest version.  But do not install yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3.) SAVE THIS download into your download directory and then move it, or copy it, to your Downloaded Software directory, (ex., Documents\My Software Downloads\TheBestSpinner3\SetupTheBestSpinner3.exe) (You should save all software downloads that you buy to a directory such as this (also, save your Software Key and any other related documentation in this same directory. You never know if you'll readily need it in the future.))

4.) Goto, Start --> Control Panel--> Programs and Features(Vista)--> then select and Uninstall your existing installation of "The Best Spinner V3" (IMPORTANT: This Does Not, and Will Not - remove your existing spun documents and Best Spinner work you've already saved!)

5.) Goto, Start--> My Computer or Computer -- and confirm the uninstall by viewing C:\Program Files\TheBestSpinner3\  -just to see if that directory is empty or still exists.  If it is not empty, and still there, arrow or go back, and Click Slowly Twice on the directory name (highlights in blue), and then rename directory \TheBestSpinner3NotWorking.  This way you can always rename it back to \TheBestSpinner3 in the future for another troubleshooting method.

6.) Goto, your created Directory  - Documents\My Software Downloads\TheBestSpinner3\SetupTheBestSpinner3.exe, or wherever you saved it, and Double Click on the application (SetupTheBestSpinner3.exe) to install this software.

7.) Once installed, I would recommend rebooting your system to start fresh before launching TheBestSpinner3.exe.  Your Quick Launch or Desktop Icon should still exist, if not, Goto-  Start--> All Programs --> TheBestSpinner3,  and launch it.

8.) Now,you should be back in action with yet another excellent product produced by J. Leger and His Associates!

If anyone has had an issue with this remedy, or has another resolution, do not hesitate to post in this thread :)!

I have researched throughout this and other forums and have applied all the answers that came up! Up to and including changing the default geo location in all of my browsers to USA for Google search (applies to IAW).

Plus I performed and implemented a litany of other troubleshooting tests hoping I could find and offer some answers to this issue (including the installation of the software on other computers and applying the same and some other techniques).  Over 6 1/2 hours in all.

To no avail!

I can submit a ticket, but it seems by the chatter on this forum that support is quite backed-up.

If one of the administrators here could find out the answers, or current issues with it, and post them, it seems that could resolve an additional influx of tickets to the support team until it's resolved.

I can imagine Jon and his team are hard at work staying up to date with new projects, but I have just passed my first anniversary with this software and every time I've tried to use it, there was an issue.  And it costs money when my time is wasted.

I'm not angry, and am in full support of Jon.  But I spent money on this program because it suited a particular need.  And, because Jon and I are on the same wavelength for quality content, I buy virtually each and every tool he markets. And give him kudos each time it hits the mark.

This one has not, so far...

We need some answers!

Best Regards,

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