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The Best Spinner 2 / How does the Token and replace token work?
« on: January 24, 2011, 12:47:31 AM »
Could you do a video on how this works?


PS.  I just watched all of your videos, they are very helpful Jon, and Amin.


The Best Spinner 2 / Spin by the sentence or by the word?
« on: January 23, 2011, 09:07:10 AM »
I have looked at a few of the Spun articles in the directory.  One had a 100% rating on the spin.  They had rewritten each sentence at least once.  They did not spin the individual words at all.

I took some four word groups and checked.  There were hundreds of results.

For long term or multiple use of your spin I believe it is much better to have most 4 word groups broken up.  I add words to the sentence a lot and make that word optional by selecting a blank with it also.

Adding multiple adjectives to a noun works really well.

As the search engines get better at seeing multiple copies of the same article I believe the better spun articles will continue to rate better.

If you are just rewriting sentences your article will have different word counts but will have a lot of duplicate sentences if you use the article multiple times. 

I believe that your time is better spent deep spinning of individual sentences rather than just rewriting sentences. 

Doing both rewriting sentences, and deep spinning of individual sentences is the best.


The Best Spinner 2 / Article Directory Question
« on: January 23, 2011, 04:11:38 AM »
I was trying to use some articles from the article directory.  I pulled up "Speaker Quality Can Speak Volumes About Quality Sound"

I grabbed a spun article.  I copied about ten words from the article into Google with parenthesis around it.  330 results came up.  I checked some of these articles.  I found four different authors taking credit for this article.  I did not find one example with the original link in it.

Either the person who added this spin to the directory posted this article all over the internet and replaced their original link or there are theives among us.


The Best Spinner 2 / Great new videos Jon
« on: November 29, 2010, 05:41:56 AM »
Great Videos Jonathan,

I just watched the five new videos Jon made.  I learned a bunch.

Check them out here

I have looked at several of the article directory articles.  Most have the two author links filled out.  If you do not leave room for me to put in a link there is no value to me in using your spin. 

In order to not break the terms of service I cannot use your articles if you put more than one link in it.  I have only found a couple of articles in the directory that were useable.

I use Unique Article Wizard and would love to use your articles....


The Best Spinner 2 / Another HUGE Bug
« on: March 29, 2010, 08:26:48 AM »
I did a search in the window -- I hit Control F--- and the word I was looking for came up.  Then I left clicked on the word and the whole paragraph I had just finished spinning disappeared.

This is very frustrating.  I hit the go backwards button and it recovered part of my spin.

I would much rather have the older version of TBS without a lot of these options.  I hit a key and this version jumps.  If it weren't for the go back arrow I would have junked this program.

All I want is a nice simple spinner and the thesaurs from TBS.

At least 70% of the work I have done in the last two hours has disappeared.

I spin in three paragraph bursts so that I do not lose so much when things mess up.

I quit for now.


The Best Spinner 2 / My copy of tbs is dead.
« on: March 28, 2010, 06:56:14 PM »
I have not been in the spinner for the last few days.  I just uploaded version 2.04.

I put a small 4 paragraph article in and there are no offerings by the thesoaraus...

I clicked on replace my favorites and there was one of my favorite words in the article at least 10 times.  Nothing.

I have gone up and clicked on every button I can find in the program.

I hit best Syn and all syn and then Identify syn and nothing.

I highlight words and the box opens but not synonyms.

I can highlight something and type in synonyms  but none come up.


Is it just my computer, me or TBS?

Hello Jonathan,

Sometimes I get tired of all the changes.

It is great that you are improving this program but I believe I have posted more output from this program than 98% of the forum users.

The more you automate the more problems I seem to have with your software.

Some of the simple things do not work.

When I go to use the program it wants to update.  The automatic update does not work so I have to try it a couple of times. 

I am not using the export function because it does not work.  <Strong or <h2 in the title of the paragraph.

And it cuts off the last word.

If I have to go to the Wordpress website I just posted to to  adjust the post I may as well just copy and paste myself.

You keep getting requests for updates from people who are too lazy to learn to add { and | to their posts.

In my opinion the Favorites is a Waste of time.  You still have to go through each sentence that is built and check it.  I would rather do it right the first time than go back and fix it.

The lazy spinner  output will be junk.

Make it bomber simple and build some really good videos that teach the newbies to use it.

Many of the updates are just slowing down the process and making it more complicated and more buggy.

Anyone not smart enough to spin their own paragraphs is not smart enough to know what updates the program needs.


It works great at helping me spin articles. 

I spin with HTML code in the article.

I have already added Adsense to my article before I spin.

I have already added my CJ links before I spin.

I copy individual spin output and post them on my websites.  I then copy my title from the first sentence of the first paragraph and add it to the title line.  I then change it to the proper category and add a couple of tags, I then change the date and save the page. 

I have posted around a thousand pages of spun content in the last month+.  It would have been a lot more but I spent over a week building a Monster spin on a company that dropped their CJ affiliate program just as I finished my spin.

I would like to have it post directly to Wordpress Websites and use the first sentence as the title.  If this sentence is Bolded or already has heading tags around them then it should still work---It does not now.

Comments from a Power User



I have a lot of websites and i am propagating my sites faster than ever.

I have put several posts up on



3stepads dot com

free-adz dot com

I build all my pages in a Wordpress private page on my one of my websites.  I put the links in before I spin it.  I put a pictures in that are spun---10 with titles in a spin that I just drop in.

I put my adsense block on the page and at the bottom I put the Google search box.

My spins are all ready to go into a Wordpress page directly from TBS.

With Xomba and Google Knol  and Blogger I put the spin into a Wordpress HTML page ( I title the page "DO NOT POST" so I don't come back and post it) and then go Visual and copy and paste into the Knol or Xomba window.  This way I don't need to respace the article after i post it.

I have several of the pages that I have spun showing up well in the Google index for low competition keywords without any links to the pages.

Happy Spinning

The Best Spinner 2 / What did you get Done Today?
« on: February 19, 2010, 03:04:46 PM »
I took one of the pre-spun articles, I added another paragraph that I had previously spun.  I added five of my prespun links.

I put a key in every spin that I do--it will be a non word and the date of the spin.  I usually put this after the second paragraph.  Like Ajlv-021910. 

I spun and posted for about an hour and a half.  Several web 2.0 sites and several sites of my own.  Right now over 30 of the Keys that I put in are showing up in Google. 

Over half the articles I posted on websites today  (probably 70%) are scheduled to post at a later date.  I had at least 5 links on all of my pages that I posted.


I spent about three hours and I have posted more today than any other day--ever.

If you put your spun articles with your links in them and I like the article I will be posting your pages in mass numbers.  I will definitely be leaving the links in. 

This is absolutely awesome.

I have a plan to hire a neighbor kid and have him or her post for a couple of hours per day.  I have to line out the links and the sites and teach them too write the title. 

Most 5th graders could do this after 10 minutes of instructions. 

I am going to focus on mass production of websites and links.


The Best Spinner 2 / Thanks for continuing to work on TBS Jonathan
« on: February 17, 2010, 05:32:29 PM »
I really appreciate that almost every day when I log into TBS I get an update notice.  I have a tendency to accept what use I can make of something as is and work around the problems when I can.

Your continued development after launch is great.

Thanks for the continued improvement.

The Best Spinner 2 / How to use Spun Articles
« on: December 20, 2009, 02:11:54 PM »
What I have done for quite some time is use spun articles as Ammo.

I will spin several general paragraphs within my area.  Then when I write an article and I want some more filler I take some of my spun "Ammo" and put it into the article.

To use this method

I always complete my thought in a paragraph.
I title all paragraphs
I can drop a paragraph in almost any article on the subject and it will be pretty much relevant.

Also I have always spun a paragraph at a time and then added all my paragraphs together in my Monster spin.  Then I will take ten of these monster spins and put them on one private page on my website.  When I use a paragraph from the spin I delete it.

I have made complete articles out of a group of these paragraphs.

Good Luck

I have been using spinprofit and I think this is a much better interface.

The Best Spinner 2 / Do Small Projects
« on: December 20, 2009, 02:00:57 PM »
After losing a couple of hours of work from a keyboard operator malfunction I am changing my way of using The Best Spinner.

I am breaking all my spin projects into one or two paragraphs at a time.

I normally title every paragraph anyway so this should work better.

This is a great tool.


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