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General Chatter / Photoshop Alternatives
« on: April 25, 2016, 09:37:23 AM »
Many of us, at some point or other need to mess about with images. Lots of tools available for such eventualities. However, we eventually all come across images that are saved or provided as PSD files, a Photoshop native format.

There's not many tools that can open or edit these - at least not that are (1) reliable and (2) easier to use than Photoshop - and, of course, a lot less expensive to licence.

Here's one that is worth a look - for those times when one gets a banner that needs editing - a simple enough job but a nightmare if it means learning to use Photoshop to do it! - with an associated plugin can be used to open PSD files, and manipulate the layers within the file (the magic that lets us edit the text or logo on a banner)
The program is free of charge, as is the associated plugin. Setting the thing up and learning how to do the job I wanted, this afternoon took maybe 10 minutes and another ten to sort out a full set of banners with a new text.

Here's a link to a brief article with the links you need to download the main application and the plugin: CLICK HERE!

I have a need for source content to create highly spinnable document. Over the past few weeks I have been playing with a new (to me) way of doing this which has decreased the amount of time taken in preparing a decent document by a large amount. In addition the breadth of topics that I can cover is now, for all practical purposes, infinite.

This whole job took less than 60 minutes and not much longer than it takes me to prepare a highly spun document that I have bought in and need to edit/format to my needs. Of course the cost of doing this is much smaller than trying to buy content. Worse yet, usually, highly spun content that is sold as PLR has usually been beaten to death by people using SENuke and similar tools!

To share the technique I share a walk-through of what I did.
The tools used are:
1) Answer Analyst
2) The Best Spinner
Both are available from Jon Leger.

This project was to create a multi spin document on the topic of 'relationships' for back linking purposes using a large network of sites that I currently post to. The output needs to be of decently readable quality because the accounts are mature and have been active for, in some cases, over a year.

Finding Content With Answer Analyst:

Firstly I used Answer Analyst: added the keyword relationship to the Keywords box and used Y! Answers to generate a list of questions

I chose the simple 'what is a relationship?'

Added the term to the 'Question' box, chose Google as the source, medium answers. Secondary answers, add to current results and loose matching.

Unless you use Answer Analyst this means nothing but you can see the process from the Answer Analyst sales page and from Jon's training video.

The software found over 100 results.

I clicked the check box on all those responses that seemed usable to save the snippets to the clipboard.

Next I clicked add to research (I did not save the references)

Now I have the content for an article. This will be worked on shortly.

Making Article Titles:

Next, I looked for article titles. For this I went to Google in my browser and typed in "What is a relationship" (no quotes)

After looking at the search results I chose a number of titles of pages that seemed relevant to my core question "What Is A Relationship".

In this case I ended up with a list something like this, yours will vary according to the region that you are in and probably your previous searches (I didn't bother logging out of Google):
What Is A Relationship?
What Are Relationships About?
Am I In A Relationship?
Are You In A Relationship?
I Don't Know What A Real Relationship Is
You Don't Know What A Real Relationship Is
Is This A Good Relationship?
Am I In A Good Relationship?
Are You In A Good Relationship?
This Is What Being In A Relationship Really Means
How To Understand What A Relationship Means
What Makes A Good Relationship?
What Is A Good Relationship? - The Signs
What Is A Healthy Relationship?
7 Ingredients Of A Healthy Relationship
What's The Point Of A Relationship?
What Is A Serious Relationship?
What Is It Like To Be In A Relationship?

I went to The Best Spinner and added all the titles I had collected to the work panel then I used 'Auto Select Synonyms' to create variations of each title so that our original 10 titles will multiply a lot. I use 3 synonyms maximum and retain the original.

I checked through the results and quickly edited them. This is important because the title is what readers see first and it makes no sense then it will be disregarded or the article flagged as spam - if that happens I will probably lose the account(s) that I have set up over the months.

After editing I then highlighted all the titles, right clicked and selected 'Title Case' so that each title would look right with initial capitals. Then I selected 'Spin Together' from the Spin Tools ribbon. Now I have a long list of titles and variations all spun together with 91% uniqueness from 7 words average length (a very useful length for article titles!).

Making The Article Body:

So, that's the title. Next I went to the article body. The task is to create a set of paragraphs that can be spun together and using AutoSelect Synonyms create a huge number of unique articles that make sense when read.

I sorted through the results I had previously saved and discarded all that were not appropriate to the topic.
Next I started sorting them into some kind of order. My goal was to make several groups of snippets that could be identified as having some kind of similarity in terms of their theme so that I could create a series of spun together paragraphs. To do this I used a text file and simply cut/pasted snippets into the groups that I wanted. To make the formatting easier to follow during preparation I split each group of sentences that was going to form a paragraph from the others with a line made of asterisks. After a few minutes of sorting I had created a series of paragraphs each with lots of sentences.

The work then moved over to The Best Spinner again.

I pasted all the sentences into TBS and then selected each group of sentences that I had split with asterisks and highlighted them. Now, I went to 'Spin Tools' and selected the 'Spin Together' wizard and started spinning each group of sentences together. In a couple of cases I chose to have a blank paragraph so that the length and structure of each article would differ as well as the words and information.

This left me with very long articles, typically well over 1200 words. When I read the output it looked spammy. To make the article shorter and less obviously 'manufactured' I span some of the previously generated paragraphs together. This made the article shorter and the spun output looked more real and natural. The output was now around 600 words.

At this point the articles generated were substantially unique but the potential variation was not huge. To increase variety in the output I went to 'Auto-Select Synonyms'. First I protected the significant keywords so that there would be no gibberish output and highlighted the whole document. The settings I used for auto synonymising were: Best Quality Cloud Thesaurus. Max Synonyms =3, Every Third Word/Phrase and Auto-select inside spun text. NO REWRITING!

Lastly I used the Remove Original Word wizard to ensure that the output of changes would be different to the source document(s).

Now, I had articles that were over 90% unique, not too spammy looking, and just about 600 words long.

The output read pretty well and although the structure of the articles looks very odd they make surprisingly good sense on a paragraph by paragraph basis.

I tested against Copyscape and found that, because of the setting I had used (every 3rd word or phrase) that each spin was showing some content from other articles - this did not concern me because I know that Article Builder, which does not pass Copyscape works well enough. My judgement was that changing EVERY word or phrase would have made articles that read very badly.

Preparing For Publication:

At this point the formatting was a little untidy. Gaps between paragraphs were sometimes uneven and some paragraphs did not have capital letters. I tidied this up in TBS and saved the result.

For back link building I use an automated tool call Money Robot that works directly with spintax documents so I simply copy pasted the whole document into MR. A couple of minutes later it was busy building web pages across my network of accounts.

The use of Answer Analyst:

I picked up Answer Analyst a couple of weeks ago. It seems to be something of an orphan these days, however, it works very well to collate content. I was very quickly able to generate a large amount of very relevant content and organise it for use in The Best Spinner. There's no problem that I have found with Google throwing up Captchas and I can get content on any topic under the sun.

It is possible to do everything that I did within Google or Bing but the time taken to strip and format the content would make the task very difficult. I have tried using PLR articles, sliced and reformatted as I did with Answer Analyst but the source material is often too widely used and so even after using TBS rewriting tools lots of similar version crop up across the web. Working with AA, in most cases each snippet I use is present in only one place on the Internet.

Even if one does not use the whole system I have outlined here, using the title 'trick' is a great way to expand one's supply of titles for articles - particularly when working with Article Builder, where titles are something of an issue (IMHO).

I hope that somebody finds this useful!

General Chatter / Guest Posts Accepted (Wanted!)
« on: March 24, 2016, 01:38:24 AM »
I run a site we cover factual material with a 'how-to' slant. We prefer articles that have titles such as 'How To...', How Can...', 'How Does...' in hundreds of niches.

If you are seeking a destination for your well-written, unique (but absolutely NOT spun or rewritten!) factual articles written in good, grammatically correct, English then please give us a shot. We don't offer this for back links and affiliate links simply don't work. ;)

If you would like to see your work featured and promoted across multiple social networks and accounts on a site that has been around since 2005 then take a look at our publication guidelines here:


Article Builder / Shortage of Titles In Article Builder - a solution?
« on: July 23, 2015, 02:40:30 AM »
Because there can only be one place where a title can appear it seems that one 'runs out' of unique titles before article snippets.
We filter articles for autoposting that have duplicate titles and it is becoming noticeable that long series have significant holes in the posting schedule. ;)

Is it possible that the system could be amended so that users could choose to spin the titles with Best Spinner synonyms to give greater variety but NOT spin the body of the article?

In that way we can increase the diversity of titles without affecting the reading quality of the body content.

I have been doing this manually for some time on downloaded articles but it'd be great to have the option to do so built in and in particular for the auto-posting functions.

Thanks in anticipation!

Article Builder / ClickBank Bug?
« on: July 05, 2015, 10:45:34 AM »
I just noticed an odd thing.

A client had asked us to stop posting articles with ClickBank links to the site we had made for him. No worries, I went to AB and turned them off by unchecking the 'Monetization Options box, saved and thought no more about it.

A few moments ago he contacted me, still receiving Clickbank links. :(

It seems that the check box does nothing. The activity of posting link seems to occur when the CB affiliate ID is in the text box.

Never noticed before. ;)

Over on the Special Offers forum I have posted a new offer. We are in the process of relaunching Marketers College. There's a special offer with a serious discount and I'll let you read it for yourselves. ;)

However, I thought I'd share something today. I was just setting up a new small package on the site about how to start an online business with little or no money. I thought I'd share it with you. No email to give away, no money changes hands, just a free report with lots of relevant information about how to get started online with little money (but quite a lot of work - which is good, OK?)

The content in the report is all real and valuable to any new business. This is stuff I used back when I was getting started full-time online because back then I was living in a new country with a daily budget of about €3. I HAD to start with no money. I did - well, kinda. :) This stuff works.

By the way, we don't do gimmicks, we don't do tricks, we teach people to make businesses.

Download the PDF file from HERE!

The Marketers College 30 by 30 offer - don't miss it!

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Offer closed - thanks!

I use ArticleBuilder quite a lot and one thing bugs me. I get one title per article. 'That's all you need' says the bloke up In the peanut gallery.

Of course, he is right, but also not right.

If I make a spun together mega article for use in posting or backlinking projects then I get 20 titles. I can do stuff to auto rewrite them but the other day I was working making 500 articles at a time from spun together AB articles (yes, 500 works pretty well). Problem was that even with rewriting and creating more variations from the seed list there was a lot of duplication of titles which I don't really want.

I wanted a solution.


Attached to this post is a looong list of over 230 article title seeds in which the main keyword is replaced with a token: #keyword#. All you need to do is replace, using search/replace the #keyword# token with your main article keyword and you will get, right away, 230 extra titles.

Now, you can add these to your project in The Best Spinner along with the Article Builder list, rewrite them a little for even more variation and press the button to generate the finished articles.

Or, you can just use the list as an idea generator for article titles. ;)

Have fun!

PS. I just added another list set up with 'pipes' for use directly in TBS and other spinners. This version still works with the token replacement.

General Chatter / You DON'T Have To Spend Money For Everything
« on: August 07, 2013, 08:31:50 AM »
When we are starting out our online businesses, for most of us, cash is tight. I know it is for me and I have been at this for donkey's years.

Every day we get bombarded with emails about this week's new shiny shiny and very often it is TODAY'S shiny shiny.

You know what I mean, the 'Your WordPress will explode if you don't buy this!' or 'Buy this and watch your traffic explode' or 'Live the Internet dream by just paying me $xxx.95 for my revolutionary system'.

If you are like me you have spent waaay more than you need to because you got hypnotised.
Well, here's a couple of tricks that will reduce your spending and target it much better!

1) WRITE (don't imagine) a business plan. Tell yourself and your stakeholders - family, friends, bank - what you are going to do, how you are going to do it and when you are going to do it. There's lots to business planning but it need only be a simple thing to get started.

2) When you have your business plan, every time you are tempted to spend any money go to your business plan and ask yourself, in the context of the business plan if the purchase will advance you toward your goals. If the answer is YES then ask another question: how long will this thing take to pay itself off? If the answer is more than a week or two then, in the beginning you can probably afford to pass on the goody. If the goody is any good it will be around when you NEED it.

3) If you feel tempted to buy a tool then before doing the easy thing and hitting the PayPal button do your due diligence. Go looking for a free or very cheap alternative.
For example, today I KNOW that a bloke has chucked away almost $40 on a piece of software that he could substitute with better for free just by searching on

The other day I bought a research tool, it works well, but guess what, I found a freebie that does even more. I don't go round seeking refunds all the time and because I bought in good faith I will not refund. I kicked myself though because I spent, needlessly, enough money for a meal for two at my favourite beach restaurant near where I live.

Here's my favourite places for freebies:
1) Google - first call, every call!
2) For themes and plugins for my WordPress sites:
3) For info about 'stuff' look to forums. gets a knocking and the noise level has increased but it is still a useful jumping off point and some very worthwhile posters there. This forum: is sometimes a little quiet but has plenty of useful info (but you don't have to buy EVERYTHING!

Sometimes buying stuff lets us feel in control, but let me tell you what feels better:
Setting yourself a target for profit, attaining it and treating yourself. Maybe it is just that nice night out in a nice restaurant, maybe, as was the case for me, it was a three week trip to Brazil staying in an apartment with its own little swimming pool and a view out over the Copacabana beach and sea.

Every penny spent that does not serve your business goals takes you one penny further away from your personal goals!

Oh, yeah, if you really want to spend money click HERE and we can work together on making a business out of a hobby!

Remember your business will not fail because of technical stuff you did not know.
Your business will fail because of BUSINESS stuff you did not know!

General Chatter / Online OCR Service (Free!) But Why Would I Use It?
« on: July 16, 2013, 06:33:59 AM »
Found a really useful service today:

It is a free OCR service that can turn text in images into text output in various formats including spreadsheet or txt files.

What use is it?

Well, today I wantd to turn an image from a sales page that was a list of article titles into an editable list. There was almost 100 of them.

A couple of minutes later and I had a neatly formatted text document that took a few seconds to tidy up the spelling. I am sure I will find more uses. ;)

Article Builder / Picture Sizing Is Incorrect In AB Today
« on: May 30, 2013, 07:52:09 AM »
I just noticed that the images from Flickr today are coming up too big. Looks like resizing is not working correctly.

I have just posted a new offer on this forum today. I started off by using an image of the sales letter but I realsied that this is not great because Google can't spider and index an image for relevant searches.

Posting using BBCode is much better than using an image but it can be very time consuming to post using BB Code translating it from HTML.

I found a couple of tools that just made the job much easier. First I used an HTML to BBCode converter available here.
Very handy for salvaging as much formating as possible but an awful lot is still lost. Worse yet, on Jon's forum we can't set images within text using the [imgl][/imgl] and [imgr][/imgr] tags.

So I thought I'd make some tables and fake the effect. In BBCode tables are a bind. But I found a BBCode table generator here.

I dropped images into a 1x1 table and set text to fill a similar height and the job was done.

The page is not as pretty, IMHO as the original, but it works and can be indexed so searchers can now find the offer. What do you think?

"I Lost My Back Links and Traffic But I Managed To Turn Things Upside Down and Made Them Better Than Before.
Discover How You Can Do The Same In Less Than A Week..."

Friends,  my name is Andrew Wilson, I have been making my living from the internet since 2005 and one thing is true: it was easier then than now to get pages ranked in the search engines and there was just so much less competition.

These days not only do we have to fight with competitors for those all important Page One rankings in Google and Bing but it seems as though every day Google is coming up with some new way to shaft us and force us into using Adwords if we are to see any traffic to our sites.

For several years there was a technique that dominated talk among webmasters and online marketers, a surefire way to get your pages indexed and ranked. What started out as a secret became an open secret and then public knowledge. Everyone was getting in on the act and, as so often happens a few people spoiled a good thing for everyone. Google was pretty much forced to close down the technique and many of us suffered, and still suffer as a result.

These days not only do we have to fight with competitors for those all important Page One rankings in Google and Bing but it seems as though every day Google is coming up with some new way to shaft us and force us into using Adwords if we are to see any traffic to our sites.

BUT, here's a strange thing. Even though Google took much publicized action against users of this open secret technique it never stopped working. it works today at least as well as it ever did.

Some of you may have guessed what this secret method to get pages indexed and ranked was. Some of you may still be wondering I bet many of you have been using this technique.

Well, here's the dirty little secret that Google does not want you to know about:

Blog networks.

Yes, that's right. Google closed down many, but not all, of the blog networks that were operating and ruined the businesses of many internet marketers.

But here's the other secret:
Blog networks are alive and well and working. But they look very different and they work differently too.

Let me share a little background with you.

A few years ago I started building niche affiliate websites for a select number of clients, they worked very well and more than a few of those sites are still up and running some are almost 7 years old. These sites were made as auto-blogs, that is they collected content from various sources and posted them on the sites. No need for human intervention. Google hates auto-blogs, loves my sites, they do not get de-indexed!

About a year and a half ago I restarted this business using new techniques and the input of my latest research. Several people bought these sites from me in bulk, some bought hundreds of sites. I was curious as to why.
I asked questions.
They gave me answers, they were building their own private blog networks, using my sites, and Google was lapping up all the pages that were being automatically added to the sites. They were the perfect blog network sites.

A well known provider of top notch SEO tools and services described my sites as 'credible in depth' and then bought a whole load of them.
I started an experiment of my own.

After some research I decided that the best way to make my network would be to have all the sites in a single niche, to make them all to a high quality and to only publish good quality unique content and syndicate interesting articles from carefully selected sources.

As anyone who has seen typical blog network site will know, they tend to look low quality and totally uninteresting to site visitors; no wonder Google wanted to rid the internet of this infestation.
My sites are different to the others!
Each site is unique:
    • unique headers
    • unique content
    • unique layouts but built using a very high quality theme used on hundreds of thousands of good quality blogs
    • All monetized with banners and text links
    • All carrying high quality curated videos (nothing from YouTube here!)
    • Every domain name researched from search terms used by buyers on Amazon

All the above means that your network sites will not look anything like a duff link building operation. These sites are to all intents and purposes, informative niche affiliate sites.

Of course we got the basics right too: every site is on a unique IP address, each with unique name servers, each with unique contact and SOA info and we even went to the trouble of buying the domains from a wide range of registrars.

But then we did some more things, more stuff that other people don't do:
  • We did link building.
  • Each site has up to 250 permanent incoming links from other websites.
  • Every day new content is run through the premier indexing service to ensure a very high indexation rate.
  • Daily we post new articles to each site

My experimental network had 250 sites and all were in the weight loss niche.

What does all this mean?
It means that if you add a link to any of the pages on the site it is likely to be spidered and indexed by search engines very fast and those links are permanent.

If you have sites in the weight loss, fitness and health niches then back links from sites in this network are just what you need. Niche relevant, good quality and private.

The authority of these sites is increasing over time, increasing the value of the links and also the cash value of the sites if they are ever sold.

Because the sites are growing over time search engine spiders are constantly working over the pages, finding new links, new content and delivering authority to the pages they link to.

Part of the reason for my experimenting was to build a system to produce and manage these sites, to be able to add links to the pages easily, to be able to add content regularly and make sure that the sites were always up to date with the latest WordPress, themes and plugins.

All of this has been done

Now I have 250 fully built and working sites that we no longer need, we did the testing, we built the back end, we made sure that the sites worked as we expected them to do. In a few weeks, launching the outcome of all this work. That presents an opportunity.

What is the opportunity?

We are packaging up all the sites into mini blog networks so that you can start building out your own blog network. Your own way of getting back at Google by taking control of your back linking.

There's no magic here

Our smallest package has ten sites each with at least 250 unique articles and more coming every day. There's enough link power to make sure that every page you want to get indexed from your money sites will get indexed. We suggest using only one link per page to your money pages; there's no need to dilute link power with hundreds of pages of quality content!

If you have greater needs then we are offering packages of 25 sites (or more if you wish; up to the limit of our available domains) The package is always the same except that the price per site is a little lower in 25+.

Each site is set up to hide in plain sight: there are videos on every page, each site is monetized with banners and text links. If you play your cards right you can use these to earn money as well as back linking (or maybe just for making money!) These are NOT your normal trashy throwaway sites these are designed to last and, if you take care of them, I am sure they will last.

But that's not all!

A large part of what we were working on over the past few months was a way to make it as easy to run an entire blog network with potentially hundreds of sites as it is to look after just a single site. I think we succeeded. My programmer has been working late nights to produce a management back end that will enable you to control your network - and we will be helping you behind the scenes.

Here's what is on the table:

Management interface to enable control of posting activity to your blogs; choose when where and how often to post your links.

Indexation monitor: we track how many pages are indexed in Google and provide warnings if there is a significant decrease in pages indexed

Replacement site order form. If you need to move to a new site because Google thinks something is amiss or just because you want to grow your network just click a button, fill out a short order form and a few minutes later you can have a new site out there with all your links preserved in the new site.

Behind the scenes:

We will be monitoring your sites and updating your WordPress files, your themes and plugins to keep your site secured and hacker free

Your site will be monitored for up time and any troubling downtime will be notified to you

Each week we will take off-site backups so that in case of emergency we can restore your site within just a few minutes of being notified

Every day fresh content will be added to your site, a mixture of high quality unique articles and syndicated full text content designed to inform and interest real human readers

Each site is regularly scanned by Sucuri, a leading provider of malware and hacker clean up services. If you get a security incursion you can chose how to deal with the attack.

I should note that during this initial period that we will be rolling out some of these service features as we finalize testing.

Back Link Fears Reduced

All the above is to share a simple message:

If you want a way to build safe back links to your new pages, offers or websites then this is the way to go. Our ready made mini blog networks will give you safe links for as long as you choose.

But this is a limited opportunity. A maximum of 250 sites and, even as I write I know that we have already sold a couple of mini networks.

When they are gone they are gone and while we will be building again in the future you will never have the chance to buy ready made networks with existing links, fully indexed,  at this price with this level of support ever again.

Worse yet, many of the domains are due to be renewed in the next few weeks to couple of months. We do not intend to renew them.

You see, my colleague, George, was all for simply closing down the server that runs the network but I disagreed. Our compromise was that when the domains ran out we&#039;d not renew them but in the meantime we would sell the sites as mini networks to clients who&#039;d get the first chance to try out our new blog network back end. You will get the chance to tell us what you think and ask for improvements that fit your needs.

So, here's the chance to buy into our working laboratory at a great value. To start building safe back links that YOU control in your own PRIVATE network of niche blogs.


When you use NewWayLinks, you'll be using PROVEN methods that work (I know because I've tried and tested them, remember):
  • Get your pages indexed fast
  • See more real human traffic on your money sites
  • No worries about Google 'slaps' or penalties
  • Full control over your own back linking
  • Dead easy control of your network sites
  • Mature, credible well indexed sites
  • Six months of free access to our management panel with free unique content, site updates, link posting and more. After six months cost is just $3 per site per month.

More More More

I confess.

I want you to buy into the NewWayLinks private blog network system now because I know without a shadow of a doubt that it's going to go a long way to solving your back linking problems.

But, why should I care about you?

Because when I help you set up your own private blog network, you're going to tell other people about me and my service. When that happens I enjoy viral word-of-mouth marketing which means I make more sales.

Bonuses For Quick Action Takers

First: A complete series of WordPress training videos. A complete WordPress training course of 60 short videos that will make you an expert on WordPress and managing WordPress sites – watch over the shoulder of an expert as he shows everything from installing a WP blog through to advanced customisation of themes and troubleshooting issues that may arise.

Second: 30 videos about technical tasks that internet marketers need to be able to carry out in their business.

Even people who think they have seen it all are likely to pick up something from these two great training packages.

So go ahead and Click the Add To Cart button below now to get your first blog network up and running within the next 7 days:


Instant Download -; Even at 2 am

All Major Credit Card, Paypal, and Online Checks Accepted
Order 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Andrew Wilson.

Using Long-Tail Keywords in Your Website Content

This is a version of an article I wrote and posted on my own website, I hope that you find it useful.

When we want to get visitors to our web pages from search engines we need to get our pages ranked for keywords that searchers are using. This can be pretty hard for competitive terms but can be much easier for what are called 'Long Tail Keywords', these are keywords that are less searched for and thus have less competition. As a general rule Long Tail search terms have more words in them than more competitive terms.

In this article I am going to show how to use a Google Search tool: Google Suggest to drill from a competitive, top level term into additional longer tail keywords that may not show up when using a normal keyword generation or research tool or even the Google Adwords suggestion tool.

This method uses the normal Google search page. To start out just type in the subject area or niche that you are researching into the normal Google search box.

If when searching you are not seeing these suggestions just go here: look for the heading 'Google Instant Predictions' and select one of the two on' options and click the save button at the bottom of the page.

When you start entering search terms you will have almost certainly seen that you start getting suggestions for your search.You can control this to some degree by typing in your base term and then a single letter, parhps start with an 'a'. You will see that Google then offers suggestions of keywords that people are searching for that start with your initial keywords and continue with the letter 'a'. If you add more letters you will see that the suggestions change. Work your way through the alphabet and just note down all the terms that you might find useful - or just drop in and take a term or two as and when you need them.

What is happening is that Google is enabling you to drill down into the search terms being used by real Google users. Using normal tools you may never see these terms because there are not enough searches using the term to get the term picked up in the Google Adwords tool, or other keyword research tools but given that the term shows up it is obvious that people are searching for them.

There's another benefit of using this technique: because these terms are not part of Google's Adwords tool and are unlikely to be in other keyword research tools it is very unlikely that other marketers will be using them - you may be the only person in the world targeting readers with the combinations that you select.

Now that we have found some useful terms that fit our needs we can start to use them in our content. Here's how we go about that task:

Let us suppose that we have a PLR article on a particular topic but the terms used are high level and too competitive to be easily ranked, a very common issue with PLR articles. You can easily modify the keyword phrases in the article with the long tale terms that you have just researched, just by using search/replace in your text editor. You may need to tidy up the article around the replacements to make it read better but the result will be a unique article about the niche topic of your choice using long tail keywords that very few other people are using.

This is a very fast and easy way to find long tail keywords that will help you modify content that you already have on your hard drive and that you can put into your sites for easy quick traffic.

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