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Why is it that for all of Jon's products, he does not strip out the Paydotcom affiliate referral ID after landing on a link?

I even submitted a support ticket, and got no satisfactory answer, only that "they are not doing that", which is really irritating. 

The urls leave this code after the domain landing page, leaving the link open to ridicule by others as an obvious affiliate link, or worse, open to commission theft by someone inserting a different user id.


It's the primary reason why at least three people I know just won't promote his stuff as affiliates. They use it - they love it - but wont promote it because this looks really cheezy, like a schlocky Clickbank product. 

I've been in affiliate marketing a long time and this is one of the things everyone hates about most Clickbank merchants, that they're either too unskilled or simply too lazy to strip that out.

I'm more than a little disappointed to still see the same thing on ALL of Jons great products, and I KNOW it's not for lack of skill, or the fact that he's unaware of the importance, so what's the deal?
Jon, wont you reconsider and PLEASE pull those ID's out of your affiliate links? 

After generating a 3000+ phrase result from a root phrase, i cant help thinking what a time saver it would to be able to exclude certain phrases from the end result. For example, getting a list of phrases for the root word "king" that doesn't include "kong" or "clubs", "hearts", "spades" or "diamonds"  - Any plans for filtering exclusions in the future?  Great app, like everything else you do...  ;)


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