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Keyword Snatcher 2.0 / Working on Keyword Snatcher in Excel (PC)
« on: April 25, 2014, 01:28:40 PM »
Hi everyone,

I thought that I may share something with you, those who are Excel experts may stop reading just now, no breaking news here - just my humble experience from today.

So, lets get on it.

KS is a great tool, but we all know that results, especially after long term scrapping are various and need to be sorted out in some way.

Here is my short 'tutorial' on how to process gathered data in Excel. Precisely - how to remove unwanted key phrases from the list basing on 'unwanted' word(s).
I'm not an Excel expert by any mean, so I thought few people here may be also interested in some tricky features on how to remove unwanted keywords from the Keyword Snatcher results using Excel.

Ok, so what I'm talking about?

For this example I run few seconds (literally) of scrapping keywords for 'dog training london'

We have got:

As we can see right now, there is few words which aren't really 'money keywords' if you are ranking locally for London.
At first glance they are 'ohio' and 'ontario'. Yet 'south africa' and others. You've got the point.

Copy all the keywords (or download) and open in Excel.

Then click Filters from top menu in Excel

You'll see small arrow at the very first row of your keyword list, and click it.
Next, chose 'Text Filters' -> 'Contains' option

You will see dialog window.
The window will show 'contain' and a field to type in your 'unwanted' word. In our case (let's say) we don't want keywords containing 'ohio' and 'ontario'.

Type in your unwanted keywords and make sure that you change the operator to 'OR'!
Otherwise it will select only rows containing both 'ohio' and 'ontario' (In that case nothing would be selected, you can believe me).

When you click 'OK', you'll get something like this :

Fine. You are on PC - simply click 'Delete' and congrats! - job done.

If I remember - on Mac it would be Cmd+Backspace, but I'm not sure.

What you see now is your list with some 'gaps'. Those gaps (unless you sorted the list somehow) are empty spaces after deleted keywords. That's fine, everything is ok so far.

To sort it out and make nice and tidy, simply go to the menu and click A->Z icon, with column A (in this case) selected.

Ah, quick tip here. If you want to select only as much rows as exist in the spreadsheet - select cell A1 and click Ctrl-A (like 'select all' in Windows), it should select all your cells with the keywords.

Sorry image doesn't show 'selected' items, but you should end up with something like this:

After removing few more words:

I hope that helps a bit.


General Chatter / I would be grateful for some clarification
« on: March 27, 2014, 01:15:12 PM »
Hello folks,

Just went through some blogs (big names, I'm just not sure I should mention here, so I'll keep it for myself), and read about some 'new view' at tier 1 and general link building strategy.

Now, firstly I'd like to express my own view if you don't mind - from my perspective, as long as search engines exist link building will do the job. Of course we all know that now throwing any s..t on money site make no sense as it's as quick life as (let me name it my own words) google engine site scan will quickly discover it and penalize the site, but tiered link building will exist, otherwise search engines existence has no point.

Next, on mentioned, highly renown in the industry blog, I have read something interesting. Here it is - Tier 1 shall be very strict, what I mean is that for tier 1 we shall use web20, articles, wikis, then as tier 2 we may use any of those link we have been using before (that news), then ASWD* as Tier 3

I'm curious about your experiences and thoughts.

Yet, if someone would kindly reply to this and have some data for share, could it be enriched with the domain stats? Whether you used new domain, bought some authoritative one or recovered some wasted one?
I'm mostly interested in rankings data showing difference between using ANY (I consider 'any as some contextual links) links as a tier 1 and using this 'new', recommended technique as tier 1.

I have to say that this question has been driven by mentioned post of one of the industry 'NAMES' (you can track me back if it's not clear I have left a little tip here), right after I have used RC service for new pages.

Here I have to say that rankings jumped 50% up. I have used Link Building for New Sites service and I may confirm that rankings has moved up. In some extreme cases (for surprisingly competitive keywords) it went up from 110 to 27 place in google.com, I'm happy with it as it gives me a field to plan the strategy of next steps.

So, please if someone have heard about this 'new' tiered link building 'policy' I'd be really grateful to hear from you here.

Thank you
kind regards

ASWD* - any shit will do

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