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Keyword Snatcher 2.0 / Error Reports being returned in Keyword results
« on: February 23, 2014, 09:19:54 AM »

When I run Keyword Snatcher2 I am getting loads of errors returned in my results. For example:

java object object array
java object object mapping
convert json object to java object
object and object reference in java
java cast object to object
object = new object java
create json object from java object
object equals object java
java get object by object id
object object error javascript
object object error jquery
object object error in ajax
object object error internal server error
object object error jquery ajax
object object error json
object object error message
jquery object object value
jquery object object to html
javascript object to object literal string
json object object error
json object objective c

Is anyone else seeing these types of returns and if so, how do you fix it so that they are not included in the results? There are literally hundreds of these different types of errors and it takes an age to clear them out so I can actually review the keywords combinations I am interested in.

Might be a question John Leger needs to answer?

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