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Oh and the other points...

Yes its not an actual page page rank. But, then so are Web2.0 editorials etc. and most others. And they work with Domain trust.

About spintax - yes yes we know their algo can detect certain amounts of machine generated content... even the folks at do it easily with their algo. Thats not the point. The point is they cannot turn the dial up to hot on that as the algo will start spitting out bad SERPs. The point is that countless people all over the web do not write great English. So, Google is stuck. Again, I speak from experience. I've ranked *many* sites with super spins and they're still holding ranks after Penguin2.0. So, while Penguin 2.0 tries hard - and does catch many offenders... it does not catch majority of them. Using super-spins should only be done on satellite pages, and buffer sites. This is all from experience. We have over 5000 clients with us. No BS theory here. 

Oh, and on a closing note - you said "Google is not stupid" ....... well unfortunately they are. Why would an EDU site show up on Spot #1 for Viagra search after Penguin update. LOL. So, yes they have 150 engineers and all these fancy PHD guys working for them .... but unfortunately, they are caught in a mess that needs to be cleaned up by real humans! Which is why they're crowdsourcing the webspam as opposed to using machine detection. And the whole generic links, brand anchors etc. - was just a distraction (not saying we ignore it.. as it does work)... it was just a distraction to slip in the crowdsourced webspam initiative. The last thing you want to do is submit a disavow. There are other ways to recover a algo penalized site (not manual ... algo penalized). I can tell you this as I have got clients BACK in the game in the toughest of niches (as competitive as Viagra)... so I am speaking all this from REAL EXPERIENCE. And not B.S. theories on how the algo should be and that its so easy to do it. (btw - i come am a math-computer science grad myself so I know the capabilities are there - but they're in a stalemate situation right now until they move to author rank etc. squeeze them as much as you can for now!! All this works for now :)

Hey .. no offense taken. But, thanks for hijacking my thread!

You may have worked on the Google algo - but they wont tell one engineer the full recipe :)

I am only speaking from experience here. I have seen my and my clients sites rankings improve with these to a substantial amount. These AND US GOV links. If done properly they work. So, I won't get into an BS on theories and assumptions and what Matt Cutts blabbers all over the web. Just from plain experience - these links work, period.

Unfortunately (fortunately for us), google cannot turn this dial too much as their algo depends on many links coming from edu sites. If they had no value why would all web tools track number of edu links.

Just talking from hard experience here.

Should we do a live site challenge so I can prove my self?

@project100 and @Eliot Proud

The offer is for .edu and .edu.xx - we have plenty of both!

Now, about your concern about Google catching on to the .edu domain...

So, basically just like Web2.0 sites... google is basically screwed by us link builders. They cannot tell which are "artificially" created pages and which are created for non-seo purposes. They probably have around 0.5% to 1% of pages that are created by people for seo purposes on the net. Just look at the reason why Disavow Tool was created. Think about it. They are "screwed" and now need crowdsourcing to help them fix the problem with the webspam... as they only have limited manual resources to sift through all the data. Unfortunately, these people are focused on identifying quality of content on end websites (the Panda algorithm mostly)... no on Web2.0's / and content sharing sites etc. They penalize sites that got caught in the Penguin 1 and 2 updates...  many innocent sites... but the aim is to get a large fraction of people to help them identify pages that are webspam pages. So, if say x number of people submit via disavow that same link - then it can be identified as webspam. Back to my point. Their algorithm, unfortunately is failing them. No matter how many tweaks and updates they are throwing out - things are not working for them. They are protecting themselves by tweaking it for each niche in a different manner. But, this will last only for so long - and soon SEO folks like us will get to know how to rank in each niche by trial and error. And, thats when their next move will be enforced... probably more Author Rank based.... and abolishing PageRank slowly (and there are other factors too). They're 2 steps ahead of all of us. If you want to survive - you need to think ahead like them. What are they planning in 1 year? That's a question to ask yourself if you want to stay in the game.

And what has all this got to do with .edu links?

Well, .EDU sites have students and teachers blogging (mostly) with non-commercial intent. The content is therefore treated with more trust. Matt Cutts himself agreed to this on a video on his blog. Not that we should listen to whatever he says or what his chums at seomoz preach ...  but there is truth to that and it holds till today.

They cannot disable juice or flatten it from EDU sites - as turning that dial too much - may cause some devastating effects across millions of long tail SERP results.... which is exactly what the web is about.

The highly popular keyword searches are easy to control by them and all they have to do is go into each popular niche and manually tweak and configure the dials and variable... but they CANNOT and DO NOT HAVE THE CAPACITY to do the same for the gazillion long tail keywords (which comprise 90% of searches on Google). So, they are basically screwed. Period.

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yes, am in... at $3 per article... this will be a steal...

Reserved for FAQs

Can I see sample content for posts you have made?

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SEO will evolve into something we cannot imagine in 20 years...

Search Engine Optimization / Re: What is the BEST SEO Forum?
« on: December 02, 2012, 11:17:30 PM »
:) JL is great place. but there are a few others...  just Google them.

Search Engine Optimization / Re: Google Panda Update from August 2012
« on: December 02, 2012, 11:16:34 PM »
I agreed with him above... it depends on your backlinks profile. Also, it is possible to recover a hit domain and you need to really analyze what happened and when exactly it happened. Also, study your analytics account to see if it was a sitewide hit or just some pages that got hit. understanding what happened is essential before you plan a recovery.

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