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Hi jon, i send a request to helpdesk 2 days ago regarding my nichejet domain transfer but there is no respond untill now. SO i had to post my request here. Please help me jon, my domain will expire soon.. My case is #481667 n paypal transaction id is: 19F85427BE4328414


Niche Jet / Re: Domain Name Registrar Transfer
« on: May 17, 2014, 03:11:14 PM »
hi jon, i sent an email to  helpdesk regarding the domain transfer yesterday but no respond yet. My nichejet domain will expire this coming september and really need to transfer the domain to my registrar. Please help..

problem solved..thanks a lot

I have to open a thread here as no one respond to my problems yet..i emailed jon but no respond, support website is down, had PM josh but no respond either.. I purchased nichejet site on 1 sept but what happen is paydotcom failed to verify my payment that i made via paypal. When i checked my paypal account it says that the transaction is completed. What should i do now..Until now i didnt received any email from nichejet/jon except the paypal payment receipt... please please someone tell me what to do next.....

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