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I agree with Titan86, Domain Authority and Page Authority figures are an essential part of the decision process and I highly recommend that they not only be included as presented information but they should factor highly in the algorithm that calculates the final score.

Amin mentions the ability to see the link profile which is important as well, does that link profile affect the final score?

Good start


Great idea for a product. Intelligent market need identification with the ability to meet that need - one of the keys to success.

I would be keen for searches to go beyond 100. Although a page is largely irrelevant past that point it is still good to be able to track movement. And in terms of effort required to rank, there is a difference between 101 and 1001...that being said you have to cut the depth searched off somewhere.

The other part of the issue is that when an N/A shows, you wonder if you are even indexed (and appearing down at 666 or wherever), or not featuring at all. Confirmation that a page is in the list but beyond the search depth would be good.

Good idea about one time cost - just hope your idea of "low" and mine are in the same ballpark  :)


Article Builder / Re: Issues with article builder
« on: July 07, 2012, 06:25:14 PM »
Hi, new user. Just set up an auto posting for the first time. Despite selecting a category I have had auto posts to the 'uncategorized' category. Would like to know how to fix this.


Search Engine Optimization / Re: Major Google Update (April 24th)
« on: April 24, 2012, 10:06:07 PM »
Oh great, even more ammunition for those that would employ Negative SEO tactics to destroy what someone has worked so hard to build. You would think that Google is too big and powerful to be this naive, but time and again they prove otherwise. This is my first post because I have been sufficiently frightened by the potential of Negative SEO to say something. It was an article on Traffic Planet called Successful Negative SEO Case Study that allowed me to glimpse what can be done. If I was able to post the link to it I would because I think all webmasters need to be aware.

For those experienced SEO practitioners that find this article, can you tell me that the actions described in that article would not be effective against any medium to small site? I would like to believe so but I suspect this is just the beginning.

Whilst there can be penalties assigned to a site for links pointing at them there will be chaos and more page 1 spam sites than ever before. Am I wrong? Gosh I hope so.

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