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New Product Ideas / TRINITY CODE can you create a similar feature here?
« on: September 05, 2013, 03:26:52 PM »
Dear JL
  recently iam having a lot of email about the launch of Steve program call trinity code .. he created a software called Crowedforce  with this software someone type keyword and the link and then the software will got a fetch for questions inside forum and other social sites ..the idea is to find someone with need of your product so you can leave your answer with your link in a very fast way

my question is can you JL create such feature software because steve is asking for crazy price which is around $3000 USD !!!

below is a snapshot of software

according to latest Google update Article must be 800 words at least to be consider for ranking .. I dont mind to pay a bit more for 800 words article .. 500 words is an old days matter and not worth it

this is a great tool however need two important things

1. search for the blogs that the comment section do not required to moderate ..most comments get ignored  in waiting list causing zero value link

2. ability to past the email, username, and url in one click instead of typing them over and over

is this search Exact or broad?

also it will be nice to added the following filter

long tail keyword with high CPC
buyer keyword filter like (cheap,deals,buy,best,amazon,ebay....etc)
also the ability to add the (contain word) example i want all keyword that contain word" bike"

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