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Search Engine Optimization / Re: PR3 Site De-Indexed. Help!
« on: September 15, 2010, 01:37:21 PM »

"my guess would be that your IP: is banned."

the good news here is the ip address is fine - there are some 250+ domains on this ip address and i did a spot check on 2 sites and both are indexed in google

so the issue is with the domain

you said you are the new domain owners - i guess you registered this on 10 June 2010

question - did you buy this as a drop domain for its PR value - if so i guess the PR3 was a fake  - this is very common - so you would loose the PR value after a month or so any way - but that is not a reason for it to be de-indexed

when you registered this domain in June, did you change isp - if so - well google may just de-index as the move took it out of one data centre to another - so it will come back when the other data centre finds it

the quickest way to get a site in the google index is to submit a short blog post in a blogspot blog with a back link to the domain - an established blogspot blog can get a site indexed in hours

but a quick check and google see 180 back links to the domain - so at least one of these would get the domain re-indexed if it were a data centre issue

when did you discover the site was de-indexed - what date ?


New Product Ideas / Re: A tool for viewing any web page on a mobile device.
« on: September 08, 2010, 10:33:09 AM »

first off i think if you get this to work it will be a fantastic tool - add a little of your own adwords and you will be made

but it will need a lot of work - you might consider making a proper iphone app to handle the code

i gave it a try on a iphone 3G

tried a couple of sites - did not work at all

tried site - and yes it works but not right - duplicated images so not quite right ( the apple site does not even have an iphone version )

even tried to search on jonathan ledger - and did not work too great

tried - that worked better - useable

i think you are on the right track here - i will save smaller web on the home screen and keep trying it out to see how it develops


New Product Ideas / Re: Article Submission Software!
« on: May 07, 2010, 03:51:25 AM »

have you had a look at 1waylinks service ?

you may find what you are looking for



i think text marking has a valid use, like all marketing - it must be used correctly

so yes i think text should be added to the overall marketing mix

consider this - with the greater use of smart phones ( iPhone etc.. ) a sms text with a url to an offer page could be very good, + paypal mobile payments - the combination could make for very good business model

as it happens we have created full mobile versions for our e-commerce web sites as more and more people use iPhone for internet surfing

so my response is not yes or no - but when !


New Product Ideas / dirlinks relaunched
« on: March 30, 2010, 08:31:50 AM »
i posted this is 1waylinks - but should be here really

Dirlinks was one of your better ideas, the back links still work for me - unfortunately it did not execute very well, the main issue was the php technology - just to difficult to get to work - (we had to really hack around your code to get it to work on our servers)

So my suggestion is to create a wordpress plug-in that creates a dirlinks style 1 way directory for 1000 links

The great thing is – if all the host sites are all wordpress blogs, you can create 1 plug-in to manage all linking which gets around the php issues you had with dirlinks

Secondly – you can offer this to 1waylinks members,

I guess this would lunch the service with around 1000 blog sites from the off

If you could have 10 sites each with 1000 links - 10,000 links - full managed - that has to be worth $50 per month of any ones money

there would be some other spin off's too

you could offer a paid links for the donor domain home page - this could be shared 50 50 with the site domain owner

i would really hope you would consider this suggestion


New Product Ideas / 3waylinks S
« on: March 30, 2010, 08:15:50 AM »

3waylinks is great - great idea, great implementation and great results

but now we are in 2010 - and i don't think 250 back links are enough for many sites to maintain page 1 position - the competition is just getting too competitive

my suggestion is 3waylinks S

basically an option to have 1 domain count as 2 places - 1 domain can have twice the number of links - ie 500 - but counts as 2 places in the 50 limit

you don't need it for all domains but there are some cases when you need more links

the user gets to choose which sites have the double


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