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I received the reply, but the information you requested was provided in the original support ticket request!
I did go ahead and resend the data requested via email.

To summarize, I have been using Ineedarticles for articles about various cities in the US. I have always received great articles, where the writer did a least 5 minutes research about the specific city, and incorporated various local locales or points of interest into the article. Then I ordered an article for Liberty, Missouri, and instead of the same type of article I receive previously for numerous other cities, I receive an article about getting a home loan. The theme of the article was completely incorrect.

What bothers me more, is spending a half hour of my time because of links that don't work, and your email support system not functioning correctly.
My time is worth more than the $7 to get the article re-written properly.

I am thinking maybe I should have used that 30 minutes to find another article writing source?

Well, my support ticket - 583559

10 days, waiting for a reply.

Got a bad article, that I felt I should have a credit back on.

When you click the go to help desk at this link: ineedarticles.com/?action=help
It 404's.....................

How do I bump my ticket....

And get some response?

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