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The Best Spinner 2 / Feature Request: My Favourite Tokens Category
« on: April 07, 2011, 09:08:20 AM »

I’ve been using The Best Spinner for a while and find it to be a really useful product, however, I have found a few problems with My Favourites which I have put through the Support system.

In most cases I was pointed to tokens as a solution, however, I feel that a Tokens Category set would help solve most of the issues I have been facing. i.e. the ability to store and manage a set of Favourite Tokens in a similar way to My Favourites.

Currently, tokens is a manual version of ‘replace all’ and the ability to replace multiple tokens at once would make it a much more powerful tool.

In addition, the normal My Favourites suffers from several issues which tokens can solve:

  • My Favourites struggles with terms that include spaces on either end (I assume spaces are used as delimiting characters) so you cannot replace, say, ‘GBP ’ with ‘£’ (to convert ‘GBP 5’ to ‘£5’)
  • My Favourites cannot take into account case sensitivity. Even if the favourite replacement is ‘USA’ it will come out as ‘usa’ unless it is at the start of a sentence
  • My Favourites can’t replace terms with html code around them. i.e. if the favourite ‘Something’ is encased in a heading or a link such as:
    • “<h1>Something</h1>” or “<a href=”somesite.com”>Something</a>”
    • then My Favourites cannot spot/replace it. However, a token replace for “Something” to “New term” would work.

At present, the tokens function can only solve these issues one at a time and it requires the user to enter both the token and the replacement on every occasion.

Of course once you start needing to do these tasks several times throughout multiple articles it becomes very time consuming and labour intensive.

As such a ‘tokens category’ set could:

  • Be used as a fix for any of the discussed issues with My Favourites
  • Stop users having to manually type in their tokens each and every time
  • Make tokens more easily re-usable and a more powerful tool

Feature Request: My Favourite Tokens Category

To clarify, I am suggesting a way of:

  • Storing multiple tokens for replacement so they are re-usable (without using an external file or data merging)
  • Preferably being able to have those stored in groups or categories (in a similar structure to My Favourites)
  • The ability to apply a category of tokens to an article and replace all the tokens in that category at the same time

For previous requests on this subject by other users also see:

  • hxxp://jlforums.com/the-best-spinner/why-no-token-manager/ (replacing hxxp to http)
  • hxxp://jlforums.com/the-best-spinner/sort-of-a-bug-at-least-inconvenient/
  • hxxp://jlforums.com/the-best-spinner/tokens/

In short, would anyone else like to see this improvement / find this useful?

Thanks for your time,

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