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Hey guys,

I sell a piece of software called 'power indexer pro' which is a piece of desktop software that

1) allows you to index links super fast
2) simple to use
3) does a 2 stage index
- pings the links
- meta submits the links then pings the meta submit
4) you can add keywords to the software
5) you can run it on all your machines

The software is something I do sell commercially but you get this for free for being a forum member.

The download page shows the video for the software and how to use it and also the download link
so no opt in either..

Any questions the just give me a shout



thought i would post a few testimonials for the software

General Chatter / Re: Transferring a list, advice needed please...
« on: August 29, 2012, 06:11:28 AM »
depends the system you use.. if it's get response or aweber they need to re-confirm on an import..

If you use a self hosted list on your domain then they do not..

Send an email with some good value and say your moving providers... etc.. offer something of value for them confirming on the new list

Internet Marketing Methods / Re: Google penguin
« on: August 29, 2012, 06:08:20 AM »
Panda was specifically for onpage factors and onpage quality scores.. ie.. ad placement, bounce rate, user engagement etc.

penguin was the over optimization of incoming links.. not enough link diversity..

Been doing panda/penguin site recovery for the past several months now.. so you need to check when you traffic dropped from your stats.. if before may this year.. then probably panda and after may then penguin

look from this perspective.. if you trying to game google would you not submit through there tools?

I did some tests on this at the start of last year and found that 2 sites in the same niche and the same age domains on the same shared host.. 1 was submitted and 1 was not submitted and left to let google naturally pick up the domain through other external links.

The same types of links were built for both sites and in the same time frame and the non submitted site ranked higher and faster than the submitted one.. which made me think that google maybe put a marker against the submitted site...

General Chatter / Re: Web 2.0
« on: August 29, 2012, 06:01:25 AM »
just make sure that on all site you dont just post 1 article.. which is typical of a spam site.. add at least 4 article per site, dont make every title keyword optimized (only 30%) and dont make every link to your site optimized for only 1 keyword..

General Chatter / Re: Which alternative to Google Analytics ?
« on: August 29, 2012, 05:58:50 AM »
or you could use what google used as their base code:

it's free and i'm sure you will see how similar it is to google analytics..

It also comes as a standalone framework and a wordpress plugin. 

its not that tools are important.. it's more important on how you use those tools as part of your seo strategy.
Your seo strategy can be done manual or with tools.. I prefer tools as they speed up the process..

at the end of the day.. if you spam either with tools or manually you will get penalised..

All new feature + scheduler working cool..

On a special Dime Sale from today.. best price online.. the only comparative software is $87

Do you have an API which other apps could use?

What type of Api are you looking to use niteoweb? interaction wise?

How many doc sharing sites does the software currently support, and will you be adding more sites in the near future?

currently 11 and yes more will be added in the future..

Does it retrive posts that are manually approved?
In what formats can the retrived URLs be exported?
Does it verify emails automatically?


All the sites auto approve the posts so these are retrieved after posting.. the urls are exported as a text based csv file and can be plain urls or urls with the site info.

Yes the emails auto verify..

Some new features are also being released in the next 2 days..

- Add images to pdf's
- add clickable images to pdf's (call to action / list signups etc)
- generate multiple spun versions
- post unique version of files to any selected site
- schedule the posting of unique versions of files to any selected site

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