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FYI, I am IN! Have already downloaded some content. Thanks!

FYI, still not resolved. But, have not had time to pursue it further. At last pass, I thought I had JVZOO support sending me an email, but, never saw it. Tried to go into JVZOO support, but it did not accept what I had for a paypal code (had no emailed transaction id), didn't accept my paypal email, and could not find any other way to contact them. Confused how I had them sending an email earlier, must have been within payment processing.

Anyway, NOW two paypal transactions have come through! One for the $1 and another for $77. Hopefully, these will enable proper resolution in the matter. My main concern now (because I assume JVZOO will be okay with the transaction once their system is fed) is that it does not become an issue because it might look like I ordered after the closed date. Which, of course, is NOT the situation. I order many days before the deadline, but this snafu has caused other dates to be involved. Still not exactly sure what I am getting for my money, or if it will be worth it!

Just saying...

Okay, have a better idea of what is going on. And, NO, I had not contacted JVZOO support yet, because it has been too involved of a process for my daily workflow. It is not cool when a Customer is made to work to be a Customer. I will be following up and hopefully the faulty payment process will be compensated for.

The good news is that I have discovered that the paypal side HAD been successful. For some reason, it took the email from JVZOO to find it. Unfortunately, I had retried a few days later, and that TOO had been successful, so, I canceled that one. Not sure if I was charged the $1 for creating it.

The missing piece is on the JVZOO side as I have no info on how to connect and/or use my purchase. So, the $1 grace period is meaningless. Should not matter as if I was not ready to risk the annual fee, I would have passed on your offer altogether.

In the long run, "No Worries, Mate" as the Aussie like to say. Hope it is worth the effort. And, it better be ;-)

I tried to sign up for the $77 annual package, but it failed to complete with PayPal. Went through all the motions. I scrutinized PayPal and find no evidence of the transaction at all! Surprised. I use PayPal alot and have not had this happen (at least not in a loooong time). It claims your support was notified, but, not sure about that either. Do you want Customers or not?

Definitely, interesting. It is the Bing ranks that do it for me. Hand up for Beta! Needs to handle dozens (hundreds better) domains in many different niches (keywords).

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