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White label implementation of software

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White label implementation of software
« on: October 01, 2010, 02:45:27 AM »
Dear Jon,

I like the idea of My Way links, but the problem that I have found is that most of the links on there are a little too generic, and as I am in the UK, it is not so good if I am trying to rank for more local - to me - keywords.

What I was thinking was if there was a way to use the technology for - perhaps under license, so that people could market this in specific niches, or areas.

For example, one for a local area so that businesses can trade links with each other, or targetting the 'home and garden' niche - which is pretty vague - more specifically, so that you will be more likely to get people in that niche join, because it will be more relevant to their interests, plus it will be easier to find people more relevant to their niche.

What do you think?