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URL Grabber
« on: August 22, 2011, 11:44:27 PM »
Hi Jonathan,

I have a suggest for a product that grabs the URL's for approved articles in article dierctories so that the URL's can than (easily) be sent to backlinksindexer or other indexing programs.

This idea comes from two factors in how I use spun articles, so I am not sure how much this translates into a need for other people wanting such a product

Firstly, when I first bought TBS I had no idea that there was mass submission software that I can send my spun articles to (still early days for me :-0 ), so I just hunted down a bunch of article directories, signed up and submitted my spun articles, painfully one at a time. I then went back to them many months later to check if the articles are approved, and if so, if they are indexed. INdexed or not, I then sent all the URL's to backlinksindexer.

Secondly, since then I have used automated software that creates accounts for you and sends your spun articles to a number of directory platforms such as Article Dashboard, Wordpress MS, and some others. However, there is a gaping whole in this software in that it is unable to retrieve your URL's of accepted article, or even to tell you if the article is approved or not. (not sure if there is similar software in which this is a problem too?) I know this is an issue for a number of people who use this software

SO, it would be great to have a piece of software that you could put in your username and password, select the article platform in question and then have the software run a script to return the status on your article, and if it is approved, have the software grab the URL of the approved article.

The software could also organise your username and passwords into projects, thus allowing you to stay organised.

It could even go the extra step of submitting spun articles to directories.