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New Tool Idea: Replacement for Wonder Wheel

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New Tool Idea: Replacement for Wonder Wheel
« on: January 08, 2012, 11:52:14 PM »
Jon -

If I was as talented as your team, I'd develop something that does what the Wonder Wheel did for Google: give relevant LSI keywords scraped from Google itself.

The places I look to find LSI terms now are:

  • At the bottom of the SERPs in "related searches" (sometimes shows up).
  • In the sidebar under "Something Different" (sometimes shows up).
  • From Google INsights for Search under "breakthrough" and "rising searches" and the related searches on the left-hand side, at the bottom of the GIFS pages...BTW: You really should integrate GIFS information in your Keyword Canine Tool w/Spaulding...nobody does that except Daniel Lew's Keyword Competitor I think...
  • From Google Keyword Tool, under broad match - but it's a guess which are LSI terms...

Just food for thought.

The other idea for the tool is to have a contextual LSI keyword density "checker" - which you could even develop as a WordPress plugin just to make sure the top LSI terms are included...

The way that Clickbump SEO does this is to scrape the contents of the top 10 sites in Google and find the keywords that are similar or identical across the top 10 listings for a KW...maybe your tool could do this as well, plugin or not?

Furthermore, having the traffic estimates for the terms would be great, too...