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Internal 3 way links

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Internal 3 way links
« on: August 18, 2010, 06:32:40 AM »
In my experience, the 3waylinks program is excellent at ranking sites, but not so good for internal pages.

I also use mywaylinks, and 1waylinks for ranking the internal pages, but while these are less work than getting the links in manually, there is still room for improvement (ie, I am lazy - but hey lazy sells).

How about this: a system based on the technology for 3waylinks, but rather than all links going into the index page, have the option to have the links go to the internal pages as specified by the person putting the site in, or even by a csv.

The fields would probably be something like

Full URL
Anchor text (spun or in 60% 30% 10% proportions)
Proportion of links that are to come to this page, (for example if there are 250 links incoming, and 8 pages that each one wants to rank for, the site owner might want one page to have 50 links, one page to have 40 links, and the others to have 20 links each)

This would then have a links page similar to the others, but the links would go to internal pages, like the 3waylinks system, but with less hassle.

This could possibly be added as a bolt on to 3waylinks, or as a separate program.

Another idea is for mywaylinks, so that site owners can get more credits by giving out more links rather than waiting for links to come in, and people looking to get links in don't have to trawl through dozens of sites to find relevant ones.

People create links that they want to their sites, and the frequency that they want these links to go up, plus specify what category they want the links to come from, and then these go out to a central thing where site owners in the right category can accept a link and get the credits for it, and the other person gets a link to their page.

I realise that this means that the site owner has less control over the links that come in to their site, but it will mean that they will get links in easier, which for some site owners is worth it.