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== Fast Indexing Our Backlinks ==

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== Fast Indexing Our Backlinks ==
« on: November 07, 2010, 03:01:25 AM »

I have an idea about how to make our backlinks indexed fast.

Because sometimes many of our backlinks are not indexed.

For example:
- profile backlinks ( like angela backlinks, paul backlinks )
- article syndication backlinks (like Linkvana, Myarticlenetwork, AMA, Unique Article Wizard, Article Ranks)

The Idea is " Backlinks Your backlinks"

So we backlinks all the backlinks we get by using article posting on blogs.

You can make a desk top software or web based program that can make a post or some schedule post to Blogspot, Wordpress, paid wordpress, xanga, tumblr, posterous etc

and then the software can insert "backlinks links" with anchor text inside the article.

Example article:
You are not alone if you feel as though it just keeps <a hreff="hxxp://our-domain.com/test">getting harder and harder</a> for you to get back your ex girlfriend. Most men can share in this feeling, because as guys, we are usually a little out of touch with what women respond to. Because of this, guys will usually try methods to get their girlfriend back that just flat out do not work at all. If you are really going to be able <a hreff="hxxp://our-domain.com/test">to win her back</a>, you have to stop for a minute and start using methods that actually get her to respond to you the RIGHT way.

The program can post this article automatically. And the anchor text are the "backlinks that we want to index"

I hope the program can get the article automatically (maybe from RSS of article directory but still obey their TOS)

The program can be set "how many articles per day submitted to the blogs"
The program can random the posting time.

I wish this idea are good to implement Jon  ;D

I'll add more things later

best regards
yosephine  ;D

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Re: == Fast Indexing Our Backlinks ==
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2010, 12:43:58 PM »
I've actually thought about doing something like this.  It is effective.  I've used Blogger blogs many times to get linking pages indexed.

Re: == Fast Indexing Our Backlinks ==
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2010, 07:19:13 AM »
I've actually thought about doing something like this.  It is effective.  I've used Blogger blogs many times to get linking pages indexed.

Yes John, I agree with you ... this idea is very effective but I must do it manually to insert the HTML links.

I hope you can make a software to automate this idea. Not only for blogspot maybe you can make it for wordpress, self hosted wordpress, tumblr, xanga and others

Many people will love this software because of their difficulty to indexing their backlinks (waste many time and effort).

regards  ;)

Re: == Fast Indexing Our Backlinks ==
« Reply #3 on: November 10, 2010, 01:36:26 PM »
There is already a software solution available for this very thing. I won't mention it's name in order to honor the forum rules.  It's cost is $47 and deals with wordpress sites to get links indexed in an automated fashion.

Also, in the free report in my signature link there is a method to get your links indexed that works extremely well. It's the method I have been using to get my 1WL posts indexed and counted in Google.  The method is 100%, although it requires some manual effort in order to make it happen.

You can check it out if you are interested and/or you are having problems getting content/links indexed in Google.
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Re: == Fast Indexing Our Backlinks ==
« Reply #4 on: November 11, 2010, 06:07:22 PM »
As far as I know the program only put the links at the bottom of the articles and it looks spammy.

I think Jon can make "much better" program for example:

- The program can insert the links INSIDE the article by using the text of the article as an anchor text

- By integrating with TBS (The Best Spinner) maybe the program can make the article more unique

- The program can get the "Trackback" or "Pingback" for the article that we have submit to Myarticlenetwork, Linkvana, UAW ... so the all backlinks will become indexed faster then before

- The program can set "how many article per day", "how many link insert per article" and etc

I see Jon products always get GREAT attention from Buyers because of his GREAT quality and support.

Great job Jon  ( Jonathan "super" Leger ....  ;D)