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v1.07 adds alphanumeric prefixing and prevents redirecting away from

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Okay, two updates in v1.07:

1. Alphanumeric Prefixing

Let's say your base keyword is:


Prior to v1.07, Keyword Snatcher would insert the following to Google:

radio a
radio b


As of v1.07, it still does the above, but also adds:

a radio
b radio
c radio


Which often finds a lot more keywords -- especially for broader base keywords.

2. Prevents redirecting away from

As it turns out, will often redirect you to the Google of your IP's country instead of keeping you at (who knew?).  I've prevented this by sending all USA traffic to, which redirects you to without sending you to any other Google country site.

Hopefully this will solve the issue of people selecting USA but still getting keywords related to their home country (if they're outside the USA).


Hi Jon,

I think there's a problem with this version. When I downloaded the software, my Norton Security software
simply deleted it as a threat, and even though I added it as an exclusion, it still deletes it after downloading

Okay, two updates in v1.07:

Hi Jonathan,

The alphanumeric prefixing is a great idea!  I was wishing the software could do that!

But where can I get the update v1.07?  I got your email saying it had been released, but didn't see a link for the download.



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Norton is the problem, not the software. Put a ticket in at for anwork-around.


close and reopen the software to get the latest version.


Not sure if it's you've done it already but can you also consider using infix type of research. for example, try

Make money

make a money

make b money

make c money etc etc.

more results come through

with Google you can also use the "infix style research" to "finish off" the keywords for you e.g.

flights from a to new york
flights from b to new york
flights from c to new york

etc etc

just as long as you type in the letter after you've typed the whole keyword so that the cursor of your mouse remains blinking next to the infix letter

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Hi Jon,

I have downloaded the yesterday's version and started using. Is the v.107 same as yesterday? Do I have download a new version? If yes, may i know what is the link? Thank you.


I've installed 1.07 and it seems to have fixed the locatisation issues.

However, I've noticed that it seems to log me out from Yahoo Mail when it is running.

Yup, I got US search result if I select USA as the search country.

However, if I try to select other countries, the 'blank search' result is still coming from my country. So is this another issue to be sorted, or is there a workaround for this?

I'm in Canada and with version 1.07
when selecting United States I only see Query results from United States.
The only Canadian keywords I see is O Canada.  ;-)
Thanks Jonathan,
Excellent program  
Update Note:
I check most of the other countries and the results seemed to be OK. :-)
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These look very helpful. How do I install the update in version11?  Thanks Liz Gordon
Liz Gordon

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So there is an update. Ummmmm, wouldn't most people include a link to the update in the email. Or explain how to get the update? Deep breath. So where, how do I get this update?

Oh good grief! If only people would READ answers in the thread before posting.

To quote Jon:

"close and reopen the software to get the latest version. "

Open Keyword Snatcher and you will be prompted to download the newest version. Simple! ;)

Recently bought Keyword Snatcher and my first experience is kind of funny, but not useful.

I had opened a spreadsheet and started a search within KS. The results of KS were delivered in my
existing spreadsheet, overwriting the data in the sheet!

How can this be avoided, without closing all other applications during the use of KS

kind regards, Hans

This could be a stupid question.. but I cant seem to figure out where to download the latest upgrade..  ;D


Read two posts above. (they don't have an emoticon for *groan*)