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Taking poll to see how many of us are having issue with KS not returning results

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I brought this thing with no Google results up a month ago in the forum.  I also went through many, many forum posts and saw the same thing.  Put in a ticket and received this reply:

ยป Reply by: Amin
Hi Steve

Are you in the US?

I think this may be a US thing because at the moment here in the UK it's returning results just fine for me.

Jon's travelling until the end of August, but I've emailed him to see if there's something he can do while he's away to get this fixed.

Amin Motin
HelpDesk Moderator

After a week, it worked for a few days and I got Google back. I closed out my ticket.  Within a week, it was back to no Google results.

I just tried Keyword Snatcher again, with the same unusable result. No Google. Very frustrating. However, I appreciate your poll.  17 to 1 at this point. Obviously there is a problem. Jon can't duplicate the problem on his computers, and can't fix what he perceives isn't broke. I hope this can be fixed. It's obviously not an isolated case.  If it were my product and I kept seeing the same issue, I think I would put out a mass email to KW snatcher users, asking EVERYONE if they have ever encountered this bug. That might help determine whether it just happens in certain areas, or with connection speed or something that could help explain it.

I've also done everything worldwideweller did.

I'm in Indiana and have a Comcast high speed connection.

Steve Benedict
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No Google here either Jon~

Texas, USA

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No US google results here too.

I pretty much nailed down the start of the problem
here, after KS V1.12 was installed, the previous versions worked fine...
I use a TON of other tools on my pc, and do not know if
that is contributing directly to the problem or not...

@ john/support - I would be happy to let yall remote in to my pc and check this out...

I am having the same problem, no Google results. I am in the same location as Jon. Even in the same Dallas area city if I'm not mistaken. Plano?

But yes, the Google results are really the only one I'm interested in and I am not getting them.

Please fix it. :)

I changed the country to UK and got Google results. I then changed it back to US and got nothing from Google.
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nothing from USA results
Please at least let us know you are aware of the problem or your working on it or something

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I am aware that the issue is affecting some users, I just can't duplicate it.

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I am aware that the issue is affecting some users, I just can't duplicate it.

I just tried KS there and no Google results for me when I use United States, although I get quite a lot (but not the top keywords  ???) when I use United Kingdom. I am in the UK

Just wondering: I just updated WCA there and am getting results there for UK but still the same problem when I try USA - I get results from Oman. This Arab country borders the United Arab Emirates. Would there be any problem with the word "United"? As in United States, United Kingdom, UAE? Could the same problem be affecting BOTH these tools?

I stopped getting Google results for United States 2-3 weeks ago.
I am in Latvia, North Europe.
I am pretty sure that there were no Google UK results as well at some point.

Right now I tested random selection of countries:
- United States - no results
- UK - works OK
- Spain - works OK
- San Marino - works OK
- Germany - works OK

So I have issues only with US.


- Initially v1.12 was working for me, but then it stopped for no reason.
- My PC runs Vista. I will test if KS is working on my notebook with XP
- Clearing cookies in browsers, deleting temporary internet files, running CCleaner and nCleaner, uninstalling KS, rebooting and reinstalling did not help.
- I remember that ocasionaly I was getting timeout from Google - the nasty one without CAPTCHA - after actively running KS. Then I located and manualy deleted cookie responsible for this timeout. Unfortunatelly I did not remember location of this cookie. Still, now manual search and Market Samurai works like charm, so I dont think it is timeout/ban.
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Offline adamv

I'm getting yahoo and bing but no google results.  It used to work just fine for me but I believe it was right after the last update that mine stopped working properly.

I stopped getting Google results for United States 2-3 weeks ago.
Win XP sp3 system.

I'm in Phoenix, Arizona USA.

- Brian

It is obvious that this no result from google when using keyword snatcher is a big problem. It kind of make the keyword research lobe sided. Since google is #1, the equation is not right without its results.


You keep alluding to a few users having problems.  It's been going on for over a month. I know you can't seem to duplicate it. Believe me, it's real and very frustrating to those who have spent their hard earned dollars on the program.

It seems like you have a hard time believing that it is widespread.  95% of respondents have problems. Even though this only includes a small sampling, it is legitimate.  My guess is that, of the people that purchased the product, about 20% or less participate in the forum. I realize how hard it is to track down something that doesn't seem to affect everybody.

If you are concerned about sample size of the poll, would you entertain this suggestion? Send an email out to everyone who purchased the program, asking if they have encountered problems with Google results. This may accomplish several things:  1) Determine if it is an isolated problem. 2) If it is widespread, is it geographical? 3) Is it intermittent? 4) Are there any commonalities among users with problems? 5)  If you do determine that you can't fix it for us, you could offer a refund to those who are stuck with it.

I know that getting on a "rant" won't solve anything. It just strains relations. Somewhere, there is either a solution to the problem or an equitable relief for those that purchased the program.


Steve Benedict

ps: Just ran a KWS search using the word dog.  Got 500 results from Yahoo and Bing, before I hit stop. Nothing from Google - 9/15/2010
Steve Benedict
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Works great now with ver 1.14.