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Numbers posted under search engine?

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Re: Numbers posted under search engine?
« Reply #15 on: June 30, 2010, 08:45:53 AM »
>>I did the embroider on crochet search on google keywords and found embroider on crochet - 140, embroidery on crochet - 210, and cross stitch on crochet - 590, all with NO COMPETITION!<<

Hi Meg,

I am just starting on my first online million so ignore my comment perhaps! Just wanted to say hello and to also say that no competition with so little searches will be a total waste of time UNLESS you think this niche area will grow in future. In that case you can buy the domain name and set up ready.

Hong Kong

Why do you think that using these key words will be a total waste of time? If you sell something that allows you to embroider on knitting or crochet and you can get 140 + 210 + 590 = 940 searches a month using long tail key words, where no one else appears to be selling, why would you not want to attract that custom (as well as any other searches you can find in similar areas)?

I am NOT starting my first online million, so am very willing to listen and learn.