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FAQs Keyword Snatcher 2
« on: July 30, 2013, 10:59:15 AM »
Getting Version 2
If you have Keyword Snatcher version 1, you can upgrade to version 2 by putting your license key into this form:

Difference between "Found" and "Checked"
Found is the total number of keywords discovered, and Checked is how many of those keywords it's gone back and run through.

So let's say we have this list:

keyword 1
keyword 2
keyword 3
keyword 4
keyword 5

Once a list is created, KS goes back and runs each of the discovered keywords to see if it will pull any deeper keywords. So there's FIVE keyword "Found" initially. It will then push "keyword 1" through (1 keyword "Checked"), add any additional keywords found, then run "keyword 2" (2 keywords "Checked"), etc.

What Settings should I use?
Just enter your base keywords, click "get suggestions" and let it run until you feel like you've got enough keywords to work with. Then download them and use them as you will.
The video on the homepage shows what to do and it's only 5 minutes 15 seconds long

Where are my downloaded files from KS2 saved?
They should be in whatever download file you normally use. I use Chrome as my browser and it shows downloads at the bottom left of my browser, as well as adding them to my download folder, so i can open them and save them elsewhere if I choose. the file name should be whatever keywords you used plus the file extension of .txt or .csv, so if you searched on Vuitton handbags, you would get a file downloaded called Vuitton_handbags.csv or Vuitton_handbags.txt

Finding Niches

If you leave the keyword box blank in version 2.0 then KWS will find a list of popular niches Jon shows this in the video at 3 minutes 30 seconds on the home page I've just been trying this and I've stopped it at 4750

Are the search results a combination of Exact, Phrase and Broad? Am using the tool for PPC.
Results are "Exact Match"
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