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My Question is about the design structure of posting content vs posting product on my authority site.

I purchased this from NichJet and it's a nice looking site.

The articles are posted on the home page and the side bar has category listed to drill down.

Now I'm adding affiliate product posts with SMM.
Should these affiliate pages be posted on the home site or in another area to keep content separated from product posts?
I don't seem to have seen anything related to a base line for structuring a site properly.

This is taking me forever to get going... but I'm not giving up :)


Yes, it's a nice looking site BUT the first posts are adverts. You have to look down the list at the right in order to read the main articles. I would make at least one of those a "sticky" post so it came up first and then link between the pages and to adverts. For example, one of your articles mentions the kinds of seeds to plant. You could add in a link to your organic seeds post at that point. You can change the posting dates on posts in order to get the main articles to appear first.

Thanks for taking the time to post!

Then, all my posts should stay on the main URL and found with the side categories links? :)


You can make your main articles stay at the top, which also makes it easier (in my opinion) to get visitors to sign up to your mailing list. Alternatively, you can add more text to your advert pages, so they look more like articles and don't just try to sell straight to your visitors. That would mean you wouldn't have to change dates on articles.
It is also useful to link between your articles and adverts to lead visitors through the site.


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