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Jonathan Leger:
Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that I've created a new Q&A site for all things Internet Marketing. Unlike so many other Q&A sites which profit from you being willing to offer your expertise, we actually ENCOURAGE you to put a link to your site(s) in your signature (which gets shown in each answer you post to people's questions).

So if you have questions about Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, AdSense or ANYTHING marketing related, go ask them now at:

And if you have answers to give, please offer your expertise there as well!

Here's to your success!

Jonathan Leger

Hi Jonathan,
Thanks for this new facility.

I took a quick look in Google and at time of posting this subdomain isnt indexed.

I looked to check for a robots.txt file and there isnt one.
I also noticed that the links in the profile section are rel=nofollow.

Would the nofollow tag be also on signature links?
We arent paying for this service, and its directly related to us providing questions or answers... so would that justify a do follow situation over suitable back links ???

Looking forward to your reply.


Jonathan Leger:
It's not indexed because it just went up today. There's no robots file because the site has no crawling restrictions. The links are no follow because your reward is the traffic (though I will be implementing do follow links for posters who get above a certain number of points).

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Jon, you never fail to amaze! Thanks.  8)

Jon did it again! WOW! The ad program for IMQ&A is an awesome idea Jon. Thanks!  8)


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