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Which one to buy for Money site content? IAW? IAF? JF? AB? CF?

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My apology if someone else have asked this before, but I just can't find the suitable answer.

As the topic suggest, I am looking for a content creation software for my money site.

I wish to build a site with a silo structure from the stretch.

So I am looking for:
1. Article generated from different part of article or blog or content
2. I can rewrite them using rewrite function for uniqueness and readability.
Basically the best software to generate unique content (not automatically, I know it is not possible. I don't mind to do extra rewrite on the content) that is good quality and readable.

Outsource is not a good long term solution for me.

What I see is Instant Article Wizard seems the one for me, but the software is already few years old and saw a lot of complains about it, does it still work?

Or the software actually replaced by other softwares such as Instant Article Factory, Article builder, Jiffy Articles, CF.... (to be frank I can't really differentiate what they did)

Kindly enlighten me on the choice of the software should go for my usage.

Note: I already have the best spinner.

Thank you very much.


Re: Which one to buy for Money site content? IAW? IAF? JF? AB? CF?
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2015, 12:24:54 AM »
I like and use IAW. It's worked fine for me. I've also used Article Builder.. no problem with it. I used the auto-post feature quite a bit in the past. But AB has it's limits because the topics are defined for you. IAW is more of a research tool and you can compose your own articles from scratch. Jiffy Article is useful as well. You grab an outline of an article and fill it in. So what you can do is use AB and JA for a quick article and then use IAW to flesh that article out.

But the best way to get these great tools.. and many more.. is simply to join LearnFromJon. You can't beat the price!
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