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Unique Problems

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Unique Problems
« on: July 20, 2015, 05:44:58 AM »
I have read Trouble shooting post and have done exactly what it suggests and some clarifications in other posts as well. Also I have seen all IAW tutorial videos, but unfortunately they are not addressing my specific issues.

They are:

1. When I type in a keyword the software comes up with 'zero' results, even though I know that there are millions of pages on that subject in Google. And sometime I try the same keyword again it does give me some results. Why this inconsistency?
2. It shows some results in frequency but a blank page in the research section.(No Websites).
3. Processing PDF queries invariably comes up with Captcha block and cannot overcome it.
4. In 'Identify synonym' I get a TBS username and password block. What is TBS and how to activate it?
5. When I try Auto Create Content and say, select 1000 words - after lot of parsing it throws up a single sentence article, even though there were quite a few website shown in the research section.
6. Auto Create Content comes up with mostly irrelevant and duplicate sentences.

These are some of the problems I am facing as of now. I am sure they are just teething problems, and I would really appreciate if somebody could explain the possible reasons.

Do I have to buy CopyScape and DBC subscription separately?

Thanks in advance,