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TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE: Read this before posting problems.
« on: December 24, 2010, 12:36:02 PM »
There are a few established issues that can cause IAW3 to run into problems on your computer.  Please make sure you've tried all of the following before posting about your own issues in order to avoid duplicating the same answers over and over.

1. Make sure you have the full version of .NET Framework 3.5 installed.

The .NET Framework is an application foundation created by Microsoft for developers to build on top of.  It allows for very fast creation of software because most of the needed functionality already exists in the Framework.  Windows ships with the .NET Framework pre-installed by default.

There are two versions of .NET 3.5 -- the Full version and the "Client Profile" version.  The "Client Profile" version is a trimmed down version of .NET.  You need 3.5 FULL.  Especially if your computer is older (purchased before 2007) it is possible you don't have it.

It's free, and can be downloaded and installed from here:

2. Try reducing the Page Fetching Speed in the Settings toolbar item.

If you have a slower connection, or an older computer, you will want to lower the Page Fetching Speed in the Settings toolbar item.  This will reduce the number of pages that get fetched simultaneously, and will reduce the amount of lost information because something went wrong from running faster than your computer or connection can handle.

Some rules of thumb for connection speed:

Dial-Up : Set PFS to 10.
ISDN : Set PFS to 25.
DSL/Cable: Set PFS to 50.
Fiber Optic: Set PFS to 75-100.

3. Make sure your Firewall / Virus Protection software allows IAW to access the web, and make sure you're not trying to use IAW3 behind a proxy.

All of those types of software can cause problems with IAW3, so make sure you've got them properly configured.

4. Try running IAW3 as Administrator.

To do this, right-click the IAW3 program icon and choose "Run As Administrator."  That provides the software more rights.  If it's a permissions issue preventing it from accessing the web, that should take care of it.
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