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Replace Favorites
« on: December 23, 2010, 02:09:55 PM »
Hello Jonathan,

As I was watching the IAW video, I was thinking, wow, since you've combined TBS into it, why not go a step further and if a person inputs their TBS license info, then allow them to have more functionality right there... I'm thinking if you wanted to write some quick and dirty articles for say back linking, if we could just create an article in IAW and then when it's in the TBS window, click identify synonyms and then  "Replace Everyone's Favorites" or "My Favorites".... BOOM! we would have a unique article out of the box in minutes!

Also, I had a question....  With CopyScape checking things, does Google see it as duplicate if only one little piece of an article is from some other place on the web... What I mean is that, even if you did have an article entire taken (in bits and pieces) from the web content that is already out there, why is that dupicate when combined differently? or IS IT even duplicate when taken in the whole article view the way Google would look at it??