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my wish list for this software

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my wish list for this software
« on: January 14, 2011, 04:07:54 AM »
I have just used the software - very easy to use saved an incrediable amount of research time so I am very happy with it

my wishlist of what abilities I would add to this program would include:

1) that I could manually drag and drop words around where I pleased on the article page
instead I had to copy what I wanted then paste where I wanted it then delete from old position

2) that at any stage I could find the "Identify Synonyms"
I added content then clicked the "Identify Synonyms" then found more content and clicked "Identify Synonyms"
but found that after I had done it the first time it wouldn't do it again on the article so have to remeber not to do this until I have all the info

I have to say that it did save me hours of work still put the time in to making sure it made sence and made the sentences a little longer as it became They... They..... They.... but it was helpful in colating the text good to have the "Identify Synonyms" database - not one that you have to build from scratch that is really annoying and a lot of time :) so that was a bonus  ;D

now I am just hoping that the licence once it comes out of beta will be affordable  :D