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Title: Keyword search in IAW4
Post by: Phil38 on January 03, 2019, 10:05:53 AM
I'm trying to understand how does Instant Article Wizard work.

As an example, I have made this search : Job description = "Air purification", Job keywords = "dielectric barrier discharge for indoor air purification".
Resulting snippets are only from patents ! Why ? I do not understand how Instant Article Wizard fetches its results ? A google search with "dielectric barrier discharge for indoor air purification" gives 10 more pertinent results just on the first page... I would therefore get a better article by putting together the Google snippets and filling the gaps !

Is there a document explaining the logics behind IAW4, so that I can try and use it in a more efficient way ?
Title: Re: Keyword search in IAW4
Post by: Meg on January 03, 2019, 12:11:26 PM
I take it you have watched the training video available inside IAW4?
The reason you are finding only patents or academic articles is because IAW4 treats your keyword phrase as one item or keyword. This is the same as putting your phrase into Google and putting quote marks round it, as "dielectric barrier discharge for indoor air purification". Google will tell you it can't find that phrase and will then look for different parts of the keyword. You need to consider the keywords in sections. For instance, using Keyword Titan, I found that room air filter has 1,000 monthly searches and that air purifying systems has 260 searches a month. Dielectric barrier discharge has 240 searches a month but is worth only $9 - no one is buying advertising on this keyword. The whole area of that total phrase has about 3000 searches a month and a possible income of $8,000 but that was by splitting your phrase up into 2 or 3 keywords, rather than one long keyword which may have very few searches and very few articles using that EXACT phrase.

I put three keywords into IAW4, (those I mentioned above). It found over 1,000 results. Many of the results for dielectric barrier discharge are from patents or from academic journals, I have never seen this phrase before and that may be the case for many people, other than engineers working in air purification and what seems like a number of other areas, involving plasma.
I tried a slightly different keyword "indoor air purification by dielectric barrier discharge" in Google. It found 198 results in Google and certainly the top ones were all from science sites, such as and various universities. I tried this phrase in IAW4 but it found only 6 results and these did no show up in the draft article. You would probably be best going with the 3 keyword phrases I showed above.
Title: Re: Keyword search in IAW4
Post by: Phil38 on January 04, 2019, 09:32:11 AM
Thank you very much Meg for this very professional and detailed answer !
I have to confess that I have used an extreme topic in order to restrict the number of results and possibly understand more about the "mechanics" of IAW4. But this example is linked to another use which I was testing : try and write very quickly a short review on a technical subject with the help of IAW4. I use this for meetings and training sessions for instance. In this case, number of searches does not matter and monetization counts in a different way.

Coming back to how the software works: does it mean that the results are similar to following Google search :
description "keyword1" OR OR OR "keyword2" OR OR OR "keyword3" ?
Title: Re: Keyword search in IAW4
Post by: Meg on January 04, 2019, 09:41:19 AM
I would THINK that the results are similar to the Google search ("room air filter") OR ("air purifying systems") OR ("Dielectric barrier discharge").

I am not sure whether that is the same as you have written.
Title: Re: Keyword search in IAW4
Post by: Phil38 on January 07, 2019, 02:43:46 AM
I made some further tests with IAW4 using following descriptors :

   Job description = technical website
   keywords = web editor / content creation / content management / blog article

I found a majority of perfectly relevant snippets. After that I have tried to get the same results with a Google Search : I get also relevant results, although ONLY PARTLY THE SAME, with an advanced search on (and not, where Google tries to get me to as I am located in France), language restricted to english and location to United States. This search writes down as follows :

     "technical website" web editor OR OR OR content creation OR OR OR content management OR OR OR blog article

(This means a search on the exact expression "technical website", with at least one of the 4 keywords (both words of each, but not the exact wording, therefore -as far as I understand it right- 'management of content' would be considered as being the same as 'content management' for instance).

After a few days of trials comparing IAW4 with my own previous method (Google search -> OneNote to save the interesting paragraphs  -> Gingko to sort out and organize -> ...), I definetely see 3 MAJOR ADVANTAGES OF IAW4 :
   ++ IAW4 provides clever results... once the user understands how 'job description' and 'keywords' act
   ++ IAW4 not only gives relevant sources, it also picks the very best snippets
   ++ IWW4 is well designed combined application for writing down articles, booklets, white books, ...
Title: Re: Keyword search in IAW4
Post by: Meg on January 07, 2019, 03:47:43 PM
I would think that this would be a great recommendation. I am sure the admin will be happy when they see that!  ;D