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Please add HISTORY/FUNDING HISTORY in the dashboard/ Request rejection

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I order a LOT of articles.

Today when I logged in, I had 3 of them rejected, one was part of a batch, which I believe was mistakenly flagged with 'specific style request' - I didn't specify one, it was just a general review article request.

Now I'm having a hard time trying to figure out if I've been refunded for these rejected articles. It would certainly help if you guys add another feature on the dashboard that would let us know how much funds we put in, and where did it go (which articles it paid for).

Also, regarding reasons for the request rejection are a unclear to me.

(1) I had a review article out of a bunch of 5 flagged as rejected because of [If you have specific style requests, you need to add the style fee when ordering the articles.]

- My instruction was to provide an indepth product review (as the the word count is 700), discussing benefits, features, pros and cons, WHICH IS WHAT A REVIEW ARTICLE SHOULD be right?

I paid for an EXTRA RESEARCH fee, so I don't think this rejection was deserved.

(2) Review style articles - should they just contain 1 product at a time? What if I wanted a top 3 of top 5 product articles?
I reflected this in the number of words (700-900). Some requests went through, but recently I had 2 rejected.

Which I don't really understand why, as I can just as easily request for 200 word review articles for each product, but why not combine them into 1 long article? Again, I paid for the extra research fee in this instance.

The writer wouldn't have to do much in depth research in these articles, as it's like providing a short description of each product.

Please can you clarify your terms, and what's allowed and what's not? For both us (buyers) and the writers as well.