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Misc INeedArticles Input
« on: March 03, 2015, 07:23:04 PM »
-   Can you add ‘Hypnosis’ and ‘Life Coaching’ as categories for ‘in-depth topic experience’? (with 60 writers knowing stress, most likely some of them would know about hypnosis)
-   Is it possible for the article number to show up somewhere that isn’t just in the download? I prefer to copy and paste directly to a Word doc, but would like a code for tracking.
-   Can rewrites have some kind of a title on the dashboard? There are times when I don’t need a title rewrite, but then the dashboard shows nothing. If I put one word there, I would assume they would try to rewrite it, when I just want something to show up on the dashboard.
-   How many keywords can I use to request an article? One friend said it was supposed to be up to 6 words. Is it ok for it to wrap to the second line or not?

Here’s my big issue. I need to edit virtually all of the articles written about hypnosis. Here are some of the situations:

1. Writers may use the term ‘patient’ and ‘treatment’ and most hypnotherapists aren’t licensed practitioners so we can’t use those terms (we use ‘client’ and other words like session or work). We aren’t allowed to use terms that doctors and psychologists use. Some of the writers write heavily about this, so I have to rewrite or delete a lot.
2. I am using the articles to promote people to go to a hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy is not self-hypnosis, yet sometimes an article writer writes all about self-hypnosis. While a hypnotherapist may teach their clients self-hypnosis, I don’t want people to just use self-hypnosis and not go to a hypnotherapist! If I put Hypnotherapy in the request box, I don’t want the article to be about self-hypnosis. If I wanted self-hypnosis, I would have said self-hypnosis.
3. The worst issue I have for this is some writers will say negative or wrong things about hypnosis (recently one writer said there is no proof it works, yet that is absolutely not true as there are hundreds of scientific studies that show it works). I had to delete this. I have had recent articles for which I can only use about a third of it. Somehow they don’t understand that I’m trying to promote hypnotherapy, so they shouldn’t say bad and incorrect things about it.

One of my hypnotherapy marketing students tried several of the Additional Optional Services, but she said she still had to re-write most of the articles. I’m ok with trying these, but I’m not sure I will still get good results. I really need something like the style request, but with a guidance request (like don’t say bad things about hypnotherapy, don’t use patient, use client, don’t talk about self-hypnosis, etc.)

One thing I’m doing is creating good articles about a subject, then getting it re-written several times for each of my multiple sites. But this is very difficult to keep track of. I’m struggling with finding a good organization process for handling all of these articles.
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