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Viewing Videos on Iphones

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Viewing Videos on Iphones
« on: May 11, 2010, 05:22:16 AM »
Iphones and Ipads cannot view Flash video, so please consider producing your videos in a format that Iphone and Ipad users can view.  I read there are millions of Ipads/Iphones sold already!  Apple and Adobe don't appear to be close to resolving the Flash-on-an-Iphone problem. 

Iphones and Ipads can view most stuff on Youtube, so perhaps publishing and linking to Youtube would get you some free advertising plus Iphone/Ipad compatibility. 

Camtasia presets for Iphone output seem to work fine, but the Iphone video format isn't wonderful for PC and Mac users.  I glanced at the Techsmith forum, where it appears there is no magic video output format that works well for all devices.  So I suggest you consider adding a "Click here for Iphone/Ipad video" button to your videos, if the Youtube solution isn't good.