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The Power of fOcUs!! :)

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The Power of fOcUs!! :)
« on: March 05, 2019, 06:24:13 AM »
hi guys

here is an example of the true power of focus :) :)

when you guys launched instant video wizard Jon was really keen and focused on making this the "BEST" video platform in this space. and I believed him since Ive been a customer of jon for many years now.

at the time the main competitor was content samurai

fast forward to today

and because of the focus being taken off IVW and on other launches

content samurai had been focused on that ONE THING

and sure enough

they are now considered the best platform in this space.

I still have confidence in jon and the team.   and hopefully the focus will comeback to instant video wizard

to kick content samurais ass

seeing personally how this all played out over the past year and half..

there is a lesson to be learned here about the power of focus

there is a great book called "The One Thing"

hopefully people will get some value from this post

Re: The Power of fOcUs!! :)
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2019, 09:54:52 AM »
I've read that book and it's a great book.

As to your point about Instant Video Wizard, I think you're assuming that Jon is the only coder we have who works on Instant Video Wizard.

There's a lot of work going on with it at the moment and frankly if you really think Content Samurai is the best in the video space, that's your privilege. Being considered the best and being the best are not the same thing.

Re: The Power of fOcUs!! :)
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2019, 03:28:40 AM »

Of course I dont think Jon is the only coder hahaha  otherwise he would be like superhuman with all these apps

IM really glad to hear that there are alot of things going on behind in the  background.. I truly want  IVW to be the best platform in this space. Im one of you guys biggest fans

just with the changelog

no updates have been posted for over a year.. 

"Being considered the best and being the best are not the same thing"   very true statement

I have both and all I can say what I see with constant improvements being made the past year

Kaizen (??)

yes.. that is an excellent book.. I just bought my first kindle oasis from amazon and now Im a book hound lol

Re: The Power of fOcUs!! :)
« Reply #3 on: March 13, 2019, 05:14:54 AM »
I was first introduced to the concept of Kaizen by Tony Robbins (not personally, via his materials) a long time ago.

It's a great concept/philosophy and I do wish more people would learn of it and use it - particularly my kids!