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Interesting article on dark patterns and 90% of everything - customer service

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Very interesting article - make sure you read ALL the small print and definitely check out any double negatives. Do't say you weren't warned!

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Interesting, thanks. You know, the example of the NHS they used. Well, I have to say that I LIKED the 'hello nurse' system because it made one feel that one was in the door, so to speak, and the subsequent wait was easier - same as at a busy bar, if the bar staff acknowledge your presence the wait to get served is MUCH easier.

My local hospital (and I guess many others) along with the 'hello nurse' also offered an approximation of waiting times for various functions which was kept updated through the day.

However the concept of dark patterns is interesting; Apple are far, very far from being the only culprits though. There's many Internet Marketing offers that come and go where the language is deliberately deceptive and manipulative.