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Any Possibility of Offering All 3 Networks at a Discounted Monthly Subscription?

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I think the "bundled" services package IS NEEDED!

Just like Time Warner Cable etc.... Pay a little less if you get 3 ore more services/packages, 4 or more, 5 or more etc....  Most companies have something like this. I just bought Magic Jack and that is how they layer their marketing as well.

1. The customer becomes AWARE AT ONCE of ALL the POSSIBILITIES.
2. The customer doesn't become annoyed having to sign up with ALL of the services and being asked to sign up for each newsletter seperately. ONE NICE CLEAN TRANSACTION.
3. It would be nice not to have seperate transactions on a credit card/paypal to keep track of every month but ONE withdrawl. My bank personally calls if a vendor autowithdraws on my account especially for similar amounts like $7.  They think it's a double billing or mistake.
4. The consumer decides after reading options,seeing the demo and reading the reviews WHICH products they need now and some they may want to try later.  This is important as a customer I may not opt into the forums because of being busy, understanding how to use the product, and because I have enough forums. Thus I am not learning about the others until much later or not at all. 
1. Possible overload of information. You might be able to continue with the page per product and then in the middle and ed SHOW the other PRODUCTS/SERVICES AVAILABLE with the PRICE INCENTIVE to look into more of your prductions (which again is a PRO).
2. Business might EXPLODE as a result and you won't be able to keep up with it!!  :P ;D :D