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Title: The Value of Article Spinning
Post by: mduncanmoore on January 08, 2015, 07:24:55 AM
Just read the PDF received today The Value of Article Spinning.

Everything makes perfect sense but leaves on question to the suggestion under Super Spinning " You then use those
variations to point links and traffic to the original article on your site." 

Since the super-spun article mirror the idea of the original article posted to your Blog, I am unclear how pointing links to your original artcle for "mirrored spun articles" works.  Won't people recognize that they have been linked to an article covering the same thing?

Or, are you using excerpts of the Spun articles as syndication descriptions with links back to your original article?  Perhaps understanding what underlies "point links and traffic" means, in what context are you doing this?

Title: Re: The Value of Article Spinning
Post by: Tradeview on January 16, 2015, 08:29:52 PM
Personally I find spun articles a pain. Both in having to weed through them and in producing them. Very few articles are spun well in my opinion. They just aren't. I don't think people spend enough time with these articles. They just spin them and publish them and it all adds up to crap. The only way I can see a spun article being of any real value, other then perhaps in tricking the search engines (which doesn't necessarily lead to dollars no matter what anyone says) is to add new material to the spun article to make it truly unique. Other then that, spun articles are simply a waste of the reader's time. And I think they can reflect badly on the business which are using them. I know everyone doesn't agree.
Title: Re: The Value of Article Spinning
Post by: andrewwilson on January 17, 2015, 09:51:48 AM
I agree with the general thrust of your point about article spinning but the big point is, as you noted quality. From what I have seen spinning, done well is very useful but most folks are either too lazy or their English is not good enough to do the job well.

The point about changing the info in the article is also very worthwhile. I have been going on about this for years, I refer to the content of an article as the 'info load' and suggest making sure that articles have different info loads. That can be as simple as adding several paragraphs with different info and then including only one of them in each article output - so one might have a five paragraph structure with one paragraph inserted from a list of several alternates. Also one can have info in different order in the article or use lists with differing items.

And I absolutely agree about the reflection upon one's business if one is spreading bad quality content.