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getting started
« on: February 16, 2011, 07:22:00 PM »
Hi Jonathan ,
I am trying to get started making money online, and after a year of buying and trying things. I know I need to follow a step by step plan that a newbie could start actually making a living at. I think I narrowed it down to article marketing to promote products . I was thinking of buying your IAW software for the writing. What would you recommend for the keyword research? I have been leaning towards MNF. I need to also probably learn how to set up a blog or sqeeze page as a lot of the submission sites don't allow affiliate links in the articles . Is this the easiest way to get started for a newbie? I hope you can help me with this info as I really want to retire from my 32 year costuction biz this year. And I'm very determined to do this. Thanks for reading this .

Hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks, Bill